Why your agency should consider white label SEO

Digital Marketing is a vast field. So, while most agencies would love to become one-stop solutions for all things digital marketing, it may not always be possible. Even if your agency prides itself for offering the best of services, there is a chance that sometimes you may a hit a wall. Especially in case of a field like Search engine optimization (SEO) that is constantly developing and needs to be updated, it is possible that you may feel a little stagnant. After all, it’s hard to do everything from managing websites to handling social media marketing, reputation management, brand building and so much more.

This is where white label SEO comes into picture. White label marketing is one company undertaking services for the clients of another company. So, then is white label SEO the same as SEO outsourcing? Not really, because there is a minute difference between the two. SEO outsourcing is when you hire a company to do the work for you, but don’t rebrand their service as a new product which you can offer to clients. White label means buying a service that you don’t offer presently and then reselling it under your own name.

A white label SEO firm can provide a range of services including keyword research, web analytics reports, content writing, email marketing and even website design services.

White label SEO offers a plethora of paybacks and here are a few reasons why you should consider trying it out:

  1. It helps scale up your services

Once you outsource services to a white label SEO firm, you naturally get more offerings in your own kitty. In fact, you can sell these services with your own branding and take full credit for them. Also, since the other company works on them, you do not have to worry if your in-house staff can manage them.

  1. It helps cut down costs

Once you outsource services to a white label services provider, you do not have to spend on an in-house team for those services on a full-time basis. This helps you cut down on expenses that you would have been otherwise required to spend over your staff. These include salaries and benefits for full-time employees, expense on training your in-house team, asset costs and other overhead costs.

  1. It will guarantee SEO expertise

Your white label agency will naturally have SEO specialists who have wide experience and expertise in the field. Since their staff is efficient enough to provide you great services, you can be assured of powerful SEO services.

  1. It can provide customer satisfaction and retention

Since you have expert SEO services, your clients will remain satisfied. A third-party provider who has taken up part of your services responsibility will give you time to focus on building client relationships. Also, you do not have to turn away customers when they come to you with a request just because you don’t have the capabilities in-house. You can be a one-stop shop for all your client’s marketing needs. This will help retain more customers as well.

  1. It can increase your income

If you provide additional services to your clients, it will naturally help generate more revenue for your company. And while you have to pay for the third-party services, you can easily outsource as many additional services as you want. In the end, you have to know well how to resell these services as your own brand and make a healthy profit margin.

  1. It will strengthen your brand image

When you start delivering all the marketing services that your clients demand and in an efficient manner, your reputation is bound to improve. You can position yourself as a go-to agency for all digital marketing services since you provide such a broad range of services. This will bolster your brand image in the market.

  1. It will bring in more clientele

Once you are established as someone who has a wide range of services, it will naturally attract more clients. The more offerings you have, the stronger your client list will be. Also, if a third party is taking care of some specialised services, you can invest that time on creating better pitches to acquire more clients.


While you may be an ace at delivering great services to your clients, as a digital marketing provider, you need to know when to pass on the work to some other experts. You need to know how to delegate work to other white label agencies and leverage their expertise to augment your own position.

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