What is effective marketing content – The 4 key qualities !

Over the last few projects in content marketing, customers have always asked me – Do you generate effective marketing content. While my answers initially used to be subjective, I went back to one of the basic philosophies of our company which said that we need to deal in measurable marketing. So how do you find out, if the content that you generated was effective? Can you measure it?

Content marketing has helped brands position themselves as experts in their field, and they have enjoyed direct business benefits as a result. Yet there also have been failures, which have swallowed up budget without producing real results.

For effective marketing content, content needs to be more than just good, it must be COMPELLING, FULFILLING, CONVENIENT and EFFICIENT.  What exactly do you mean by these four terms?

  1. Compelling

Content needs to promise value and address needs immediately relevant to the target audience. In fact you can include this in the title itself, so that people know that this is relevant for them.  While doing this, make sure that you do not get into the trap of over promising and under delivering.

  1. Fulfilling

Having promised value, the content must deliver it. Not only does this avoid the negative effect of disappointing the reader, but it also increases the chance of the content being further distributed/recommended amongst peer communities.

  1. Convenient

The content must be provided in the most convenient and appropriate format for the target audience. The perfect scenario would be to offer the content in a number of different formats, allowing your audience to choose.

  1. Efficient

Content costs money, so any content creation schedule must be carefully managed to maximize efficiencies. Re-purposing into different formats can extend the effectiveness of a piece of content. But careful planning is important to capitalize on economies of scale.

These are some of the things that can make sure that your content is really effective marketing content and works as hard as possible for you.Now that you have developed Content, what next – all you need to know

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