What exactly is SEO Link Juice flowing through your website?

SEO helps you rank higher in terms of organic search rankings. What this means is that when anyone searches on Google with a search term or phrase, your website starts ranking in the organic rankings. For you to rank higher, many people will tell you that you should have link juice flowing through your website. What exactly does it mean? .

In this post, we will talk about this SEO link juice and what it means for your website. To put it very simply, Link juice is a valuable liquid commodity, much like petrol or diesel in our car.  This liquid flows into your web pages from external sources like Google and social networks. Every drop of this link juice is vital to ensuring higher search rankings and in turn ensuring the success of your website.

Your web pages are containers

When you talk of doing SEO, SEO is always done for the web pages on your website. A group of all these web pages together constitute your entire website.  You can imagine your web pages to be containers. The links coming in to these web pages are pipes and through the pipes comes in this juicy liquid, which we are calling as the link juice.  The job of your web pages is to retain as much of this juice as possible by allowing this juice to flow through the pipes to different containers (different web pages on your website) without any spillages (no abandonments, exits)

\"SEOThe more juice that flows through pipes to containers, the more power they (the web pages) have to rank higher in search engines for the topics, phrases, and keywords that you have planned. If you can acquire and retain lots of juice for and within your website then happy days, a great start to a website that delivers results.

What this also means that it is necessary to engage and retain the people who are visiting your web pages. You need to have a strategy to intuitively think about how you can serve them better and make them move from one container to the other container without leaving the website. The more they stay on your website, the more they engage and the better it is for your website rankings. Conversely, if they leave soon after they visit the first page, then you have spillages.  This is commonly called as bounce ratio and if people are leaving your website without spending enough time on it, you are sending signals to Google that the web page is not worth visiting.


What do you need to do to make the link juice flow

  • You want links to come in to your containers. Only then can the juice start flowing in to your website. So to start with, you need to have incoming links at relevant high domain authority sites using a relevant anchor text link
  • This anchor text link needs to link to the relevant web page only, so that there is minimum bounce or abandonment or spillage, as we mentioned earlier. It is important that the user gets what he is looking for and is not disappointed
  • Ensure that once the juice comes in to one of your containers (web-pages), ,you can cross-sell or cross-promote other relevant pages on the website. This ensures that the link juice flows through to the other content on your website as well and that will not dry up.  Very clearly, the pages that receive the most link juice will thrive.
  • Link juice coming in from external sites is a valuable commodity and will help you rank higher. This is especially true when the link comes in from a site, which has a better domain authority than yours. So do connect to as many juicy sites to thrive. Pages within your website that are linked the most to by high quality and high ranking websites (backlinks) within your industry or topic range, including Youtube, Google or your social networks become your “main resource”. This is commonly called as backlinking. The objective is to allow link juice to flow smoothly from an external high ranking website (Forbes or Huffington Post for example) into your main resource (home or article page), further continuing its flow into the other pages on your website without losing a single drop.

If you can achieve this, then your website\’s ranking power will increase and thus, you will be able to drive higher search and organic traffic to your website.


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