The Top 7 Organic Lead Generation Techniques for B2B Companies

Organic leads are naturally occurring leads that find their way to your website through search engines, social media channels, referrals or links on other websites unlike leads obtained through paid advertising. They are especially more important for smaller companies and startups that have limited marketing budgets. In this post, we are going to talk about the most effective organic lead generation techniques for B2B companies.

 Organic lead generation techniques for B2B  Companies

  1. Search Engine Optimization:
    Before any of the other initiatives, it is mandatory to first ensure that your website has been optimized as per the best SEO (search engine optimization) practices. With the help of a carefully planned and executed, long term SEO strategy, you can receive a regular and consistent stream of highly qualified leads for your business. Take a look at this post to learn how to best nurture your organic leads and guide them through the marketing funnel to ultimately convert them into your customers.

 2. Landing page optimization:
After SEO, the next related step is landing page optimization. A landing page should be specifically designed to get more information out of your leads so that you can approach them with the right information for their needs. But ensure that your landing page has relevant information about the keywords that brought these leads to your website. Do not resort to clickbait activities to increase your website’s visitor count. If the right information is not available, they will simply leave the website resulting in a significant increase of your site’s bounce rate. Offer the solution that your visitor is expecting and you are good to go.

3. Blogging:
Content is a key part of digital marketing and blogging is one of the best ways to showcase your content. You need to write blog posts that offer value and address some of the biggest concerns  of your target audience. These blogs can be shared through your social channels, newsletters or delivered to your prospects during the sales process. Blogging has been proven to be one of the least expensive approach while being the most-used content marketing tactic in marketer’s arsenal. Always take care that your content is specific to the different buyer personas that you create as well as their different stages of the buyer journey that they could be in. When content is tailored according to the prospect’s needs, it is easier to convert them into lifelong customers.

4. Guest blogging:
On the same note, you can leverage another website’s base audience and deliver your content. This works well with websites that already havea significant number of visitors who are also a part of your target audience. For example, a physiotherapist could write about “injuries that arise from not warming up before a race” in a sports magazine. This magazine is already going to be targeted towards sports persons and people who these sports. The physiotherapist has the perfect audience to make sure his/her content reaches the right audience.

5.Interview thought leaders:
While you contribute to other relevant publications, you could also invite and interview thought leaders from your domain. These interviews should be customized with the right questions. Here, the thought leaders could address the audience’s challenges, offer best practices or simply share their experience dealing with similar problems. Either way, your audience will be thrilled to listen to words of wisdom from leading experts in their fields. It builds more credibility for your website. These thought leaders will also find it prudent to share the interview on their own social channels. That’s more audience being driven your way.

6. Webinars and Podcasts:
Webinars are basically online seminars where you speak about content that interests your audience and later answer their questions based on that content. It is increasingly proving to be one of the most highly effective organic lead generation techniques for B2B companies. Compared to other formats of content, a webinar is perceived to be more relevant and authentic. Plus, you can also record the webinar as it takes place and use it later on to reach out to a larger audience. Any prospect that signs up to your webinar is automatically assigned a higher lead score based on their level of interest in your product/service/content. The same goes for podcasts as well.

7. Gated content:
When you deliver value through your content, you will observe a significant increase in your website’s traffic. Not just the landing page, but other related pages on your website will also receive this traffic. At this stage you know that your target audience is interested in your content. However, this audience is still nameless and faceless, who you cannot identify. In such cases gated content helps to capture their basic information such as name and email id. This information is sufficient to begin your lead nurturing process. While blogs are could be primary source of attraction, provide links to gated content such as eBooks or online email courses. These formats provide more in-depth value than your regular blogs and hence more useful for target audience. Plus, it also help you gauge their interest in your products and services.

So, when are you beginning your journey to start creating a steady stream of organic leads. Once you are a few steps into it, and results start showing, there is no looking back. You will only increase the amount of effort to keep driving more leads for your business.


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