Top Tools to Consider while Engaging in Digital Marketing

Digital marketers rely on a number of tools to meet their objectives when it comes to digital marketing. It is essential to have the right set of tools to manage data insights and content and to create a strategy which reaches target customers and follows them through their journey.

Here’s a list of the top few tools that are extremely effective while engaging in digital marketing:

  1. Social media platforms

Social media platforms form a key part of any integrated marketing strategy. The likes of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are good options for marketers to engage with their audiences and to create buzz around their brand. While these platforms offer their usual standard features, they also have some additional features that aid marketing. One of this is Facebook Ads Manager, which offers marketers the chance to run ads and track their performance.

  1. Social media management tools

Social media management make the lives of digital marketers considerably easier because there are many free tools to help you accomplish social marketing goals. These are great game changers and they help manage several social profiles in one place, run contests, schedule advance posts, track analytics across platforms etc. Social media management tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, TweetDeck also incorporate well with other social media platforms and help save time, grow social media presence and measure engagement.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

It’s important to consider both on-page and off-page SEO techniques to optimize search rankings. There are different types of SEO tools. You can use Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, SEMrush for keyword analysis. You can also do rank checking through Google Search Console, Advanced Web Tracking etc. Google Search Console is good for Site Crawling as well. Backlinking analysis can be done via Buzzsumo, Majestic Backlink History Checker etc.

  1. Design tools

Another significant part of digital marketing with regards to creating ads and content like social media posts and blog posts is design. Digital marketing requires a lot of focus on the design element and design tools help do it effectively. There are many design tools like Canva and Photoshop which are of huge help even for people who do not have a deep knowledge of graphic design to create robust images for their content.

  1. Paid Search

Paid search marketing is actually a feasible form of web marketing where you can connect your ads with searchers who are seeking what you provide. As is known, Google as well as other search engines have two kinds of results for users: organic results and paid results. To appear in the sponsored links, you will have to compete with other bidders for advertising space. The kind of tools you use for this depends on your paid search strategy. There are different tools like WordStream, SEMrush, BidCops etc for paid marketing. There is also a free AdWords Audit which gives out the keywords that are wasting budget and those that can maximize traffic.

  1. Analytics tools

Another set of helpful tools for digital marketers are analytics tools. The right set of analytics tools is vital as they give valuable insight into customers’ behaviour. Tools like Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. Similarly, Kissmetrics that allows segmented conversion tracking, reporting on individual registered users and simple retargeting options are useful. There are also Social media analytics where the information needed to track social campaigns can be found on each individual platforms’ analytical tool dashboard. Other tools like Pingdom offer a cost-effective solution to monitor the websites\’ uptime, performance, and interactions for a better end-user-experience.

  1. Content marketing tools

For marketers who are more focused on content marketing, tools like CoSchedule and Hubspot are a big help when it comes to content creation and curation. There are also others like WordPress which is a free and open-source content management system, Smartling which offers an end-to-end solution for digital content translation, Trello which makes organizing content much more efficient, Episerver that helps to publish and edit web pages, create desktop and mobile experiences etc.

To develop a proper digital marketing strategy, there has to be a study of the various options available in terms of tools. In order to maximize the impact of the campaigns, you have to ensure that you use only the best tools that are at your disposal.

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