Top 7 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising

Having good knowledge of social media is now very beneficial for your business. Social media advertising is coming up to be the most successful marketing activity you could invest in. It helps you reach thousands of users with a single post and gives you leads that might eventually turn into a new business.

There are many types of social media advertising in the market, but very few are effective and give a good ROI on your investment. Some popular social media advertising platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat. These platforms have millions of users which makes them a favorite choice for advertising your product/service. However, they all have different types of advertising that you can choose from and needs a little bit of study before you launch into it. The best pick should be the one that is relevant to your marketing and business goals and objectives.

Here are the top 7 types of social media advertising that you can use for your business

  1. Facebook Advertising:

Among all the types of social media advertising, Facebook is widely liked and used. Based on recent reports Facebook has over 2 Billion active users every month; based on only this factor you can expect to reach the largest target audience here. People from all over the world and from all sectors are on Facebook, which makes this a good bet for your advertising; especially e-commerce advertising.

Some features of Facebook advertising are,

  • Set you desired daily spend – Don’t cross your budget
  • Customize your target audience based on their gender, location, age, and interests
  • Ads are billed in the form of cost per impressions and cost per click
  • It allows you to choose between Desktop ads and mobile ads. If your target audience uses mobile facebook app more, then you can customize your ad based on that

Facebook ads are a game changer for businesses of all sizes, allowing you to target specific audiences, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions. With top 10 secrets for running Facebook ads for your e-commerce website, you can maximize your ad spend and achieve unparalleled success.

  1. Twitter Advertising:

Twitter advertising is a bit different from Facebook mainly because this network is different in its characteristics. Based on the recent reports they too have 326 million users active each month and generally, more than 500 million tweets are posted daily. But your post won’t get lost as you can customize almost everything for your ad and connect to the all-important audience.

Some of the features for twitter advertising are,

  • Choose from various advertising campaigns such as Promoted Tweets, Accounts, Trends and Cards
  • If you have a good number of followers, the better will be your advertising campaign
  • A direct connection between brands and consumers is great on Twitter. You can take advantage of that in your ad campaigns
  • Requires a more focused approach than other channels
  1. YouTube Advertising:

YouTube’s advertising features has been active for more than 11 years now and is still a go-to option for businesses who believe in video marketing. YouTube being a Google brand has the backing of all search engine data and knowledge behind it. Google helps you with a detailed guide about targeting your ads on YouTube.

There’s a great feature on YouTube that protects your brand reputation. It allows you to reach a wide audience with your video ads but will still let you choose which channels you want to show your ads or not.

  1. Instagram Advertising:

Instagram is significantly focused on visuals and if your business is based on visuals/graphics then Instagram advertising is the best choice for you. It allows you to upload short video clips/ photos with your text. If you choose the right images and present your thoughts well, Instagram can engage thousands of users easily. Reports state that Instagram has a 58% higher engagement rate than Facebook and 2000% higher than that of Twitter. The report also states that the monthly active users are over 500 million.

  1. LinkedIn Advertising:

If your focus is connecting with B2B companies and its professionals, then LinkedIn sounds like a great option. This platform is full of decision-makers aging between 30-64 who are generally very acceptive of new products or new business ideas. Additionally, reports state that LinkedIn connects over 300 million professionals, so your advertising can reach out as many B2B professionals as you want.

LinkedIn advertising can be in the form of Text ads, Sponsored content material or sponsored InMail. You can make use of targeting features offered by LinkedIn. You can customize your ads based on location, company size, education, skills, and age, etc.

  1. Snapchat Advertising:

Snapchat advertising is not widely used by companies for their business promotions but it is gaining popularity now. Reports state that Snapchat has 190 million daily users and 3 billion pictures daily. If your business deals with videos or visuals, you might get a high engagement rate on this platform.

Snapchat has four advertising types such as Snap Ads, Snapchat discovers, Sponsored lenses and Sponsored local geo-filters.

  1. Pinterest Advertising:

Pinterest deals with visual content but is quite different from Instagram. Reports state that Pinterest has over 250 million active users each month, reportedly 81% of whom are female so you can definitely get a good target audience for products that especially for women. The engagement rate on the platform is high as many people are active at one go.

One of the great features of Pinterest ads is how they smoothly blend with the regular user content and avoid distractions for people. This way more and more users can engage with your content from the platform and check it out without leaving Pinterest.

All in all types of social media advertising are a lot but choosing the right one for your business is the key. You can start by taking small steps and track, analyze and optimize your strategy for improved engagement and results with 20 essential metrics and KPIs, do some A/B testing on your ads before investing a lot into it. In the end, you will definitely find the right mix of social networks and types of ads that you want to use. A social media marketing agency can help you simplify this process for you. As they work with many different clients; they know all the platforms very well and they would know your business well, which will definitely be a plus if you are dealing with many social networks. A social media marketing agency will certainly save your time, manpower and efforts to give you good ROI in return.

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