Top 10 Organization Tips for Digital Marketers

If you are a digital marketers, you are bound to be extremely busy most days. There are so many tasks to take care of each day in varying areas including Digital Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Brand Management Search and Social Media Advertising etc. To keep a tab on all these and getting everything organized is no cakewalk. In fact, missing on even one of the aspects of your Digital Marketing Strategy can ruin your entire marketing plan.

If you don’t want to be someone who frets over how to juggle an array of tasks, you can look at these 10 organisation tips for digital marketers. These include general tips to handle all tasks as a digital marketer and tips to specifically handle SEO Organisation.

  1. Maintain a notebook for weekly tasks

Making a note of all your weekly requirements in a notebook is certainly a good starting point. You can use the agile marketing methodology and create allocated points for each of your clients based on their budget and requirements. As tasks are achieved/leftover for the week, you can keep updating in the book and check at the end of the week. if you have an in-house software, you can make use of that as well.

  1. List out agendas

You can make categories and agendas for your tasks like What was done last week, What is to be done this week, What’s for next week. Create your To-Do list in this manner so that tasks are categorised.

  1. Sift through your inbox

Most of us have inboxes that are inundated with emails and looking at them can be very overwhelming at times. It is good to filter your inbox and keep it organized. You can find your own comfortable way of organising emails (for instance you can choose to respond to one client completely and then switch gears to go to another client).

  1. Arrange Your File Manager

You may be using Dropbox, Google Drive or another file manager, it’s important to keep your files organized in folders. This will make it easier and quicker to find a particular file or image. It will also help keep the rest of your team organized.

  1. Keep Logins organised

As a digital marketer, you may be handling several social media platforms all with different logins and credentials. You may have often experienced a situation where you want to log in to a social media account but can’t seem to find the login information. To avoid this, it is good to create a private, internal document with all this critical information so that you do not waste time remembering logins.

  1. Create a spreadsheet for basic SEO information

Create a basic spreadsheet that will hold all important information related to your campaign in one place. For instance, all the login and Urls for your website, Search Console, Google Analytics, details for and social media profiles etc all can be in this spreadsheet that can be easily accessed when needed.

  1. Create spreadsheet for organic keyword targets

This sheet will help keep track of all the keywords you are targeting in Google Search. You can make space for Monthly Volume, current position, date when you recorded that position, Target Url etc. You can also leave space for notes and metrics for your website along with details like Word Count, Twitter Shares, Facebook shares etc.

  1. Make a master list for keywords

This sheet is to track all keywords, their current ranking, landing page and date you entered the information.

  1. Conduct SEO Audit

Your website needs an SEO audit once a month to check if everything is going fine as per your SEO campaign. You can take this chance to fix small technical errors if they arise.

  1. Undertake Social media organisation and automation

Organising your social media profiles is an important task in the whole SEO process. You can use services like Quuu Promote to get social shares across the three major social networks Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Automating your social media posts is also important to connect with your audience. You can use programs like Buffer to schedule your posts on the times that your audience is online. This is a good way to get your content on their feed.

These digital marketing organisation tips will certainly benefit you if you follow them regularly. What tips do you follow to stay organized?

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