Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips to Expand Brand Presence and Reach

In today’s day and age, where Digital Marketing is growing at an enormous rate, the importance of brand is seminal for companies who want to be successful. The objective of branding is to make a company stand out, establish its unique position in the market and connect with existing (and potential) customers in a compelling way. In an industry that is constantly undergoing evolution in terms of technologies, emerging social media platforms, videos, mobile adoption and the likes, brand is the one thing that stays constant throughout.

Here are Top 10 Digital marketing Tips to Expand Brand Presence and Reach

We bring to you 10 different ways and means in which you can establish, expand and strengthen your brand presence and reach in the age of digital marketing:

  1. Content

Content is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your brand reach. Often, the first step that potential customers take is to go online to check the credibility of your company. This is your chance to make that crucial first impression. All the content that you create — your landing page, a blog you wrote or some video content — speak a great deal about your company. Each of these content pieces should bolster your image as an industry expert, make you sound credible and bring some value addition to the lives of people.

  1. Guest blogs

If you are a company with a clear set of target audience, guest blogs can be a great way to reach out to interested readers. It is an efficient and cost-effective way to strengthen your brand. All you require is the right network and the time to think up content ideas and write posts. While ads and banners are all paid, people are more likely to respond to content like blogs since these can generate conversations and in turn probably new customers. You may also have an advantage over your competitors that rely on paid media.

  1. Website

Imagine someone logging in to your company website only to find it outdated. A website is the foundation of your brand and it is essential to maintain that. If it’s not updated on a regular basis, you may be in a bad shape with your potential clients. A website is technically the first point of contact with you. It is the face of your company and its quality can often be a deciding factor.

  1. Social media

Today, social media with its ever-evolving landscape boasts of some of the most powerful platforms that can build your reputation and brand. You may have good content, but if no can find it, it is of little use. This is why you will need the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your company and its brand. You need to have a strong social media strategy and the ability to leverage the reach of these platforms so that your target audience will respond positively to your brand.

  1. SEO/PPC:

SEO and PPC are the real reasons why search engines like Google can find you and even rank you at the top of the search results page. This is significant in building your brand as a credible expert. It is a known fact that the first names that crop up in the search results in any category are likely to garner instant credibility. So focussing on SEO/PPC is of utmost importance to improve brand reach.

  1. Audience targeting

Reaching out to the ideal audience is a critical way to increase brand recognition. You can increase your reach within a larger qualified audience by capturing the attention of an identified target market, rather than just people who have expressed an intent to purchase. Audience targeting can be achieved through data on users’ browsing activity and history on multiple sites to create user profiles.

  1. Search re-targeting

This allows you to reach out to those who are already seeking out a certain product or service. This can be achieved by targeting interest-based keywords or trait-based keywords. The chances are high of such users possessing a larger degree of receptiveness and greater purchase-intent because they are already in-market consumers.

  1. Consistency in image and content

Great branding has a lot to do with a solid consistency between the message and the corresponding brand image. If you are a company selling baby products and your images are very heavy on sports, the connect in the minds of audience is unlikely.  It’s important that the content matches your brand images on several levels.

  1. Banner advertising

Banner advertising is a highly effective way to increase your reach and improve your presence. The key is to find the right kind of websites that attract your relevant audience. If you come across a website that is a good match for your brand and guest blogging just isn’t possible, banner advertising is a great way.

  1. Long term planning

Branding campaigns may not always produce huge results in the early stages. However, as time passes, they turn into valuable marketing assets. Results are never immediate, so it’s important to think long-term when you start developing a brand for your business. It is best to treat branding as an ongoing process instead of a short-term campaign.

Expanding brand presence and reach is a consistent effort and requires a lot of dedication. However, you can create a solid strategy if you follow some tried and tested methods to achieve the best results.

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