Re-marketing can help you nurture prospects to customers

Re-marketing can help you nurture prospects to customers in many ways. All of digital marketing efforts are to drive traffic to your digital properties, your website, your social handles. Once they come to your website, how do you ensure that they keep coming back to your website or, how do you ensure that they start building an affinity with your brand. Re-marketing can help you achieve this.

What is Remarketing

Re marketing is a term used for serving ads on different platforms to people who have visited your website. You have spent lot of efforts on email marketing, SEO,  blogs and with social promotions. All of this has helped in driving traffic to your website. Now that they have come and visited your website, you have the capability of serving them re-marketing ads on multiple platforms.

Having a Google remarketing code on the website can enable you to serve re-marketing ads on all of Google\’s ad sense network. You can block domains where you do not want to show the ads. you can also define how many days, you would like to chase a person, once he has visited your website.

Having a FB pixel installed on the website can enable you to serve re-marketing ads, right on the prospect\’s FB wall. Serving an ad on FB is very helpful, as the customer is in a comfort zone, as he is supposedly among his friends and relatives. He sees ads related to your brand a few times and he can get comfortable about your brand name and message very quickly.

LinkedIn too is not too far behind and has launched Re-marketing ads that are served on the LinkedIn network.

What does all this do

Well, no matter where your prospect is, after he has visited your website, he starts seeing your brand and your message through your ads, wherever he goes. This helps in building a perception about your brand or product. He is reminded very gently about your products and services and there is every chance, that he will come back to the website to discover more or seek more information. This way, he can become closer to being a customer. Getting familiar with Facebook ads to generate leads for your business

Re-marketing ads play a big role in driving returning prospects/customers. With presence across multiple platforms, you ensure a 360 degree exposure to your brand and help in building trust and confidence with your prospect. As you continue to build trust and confidence, the prospect slowly starts moving from his prospect stage to a customer stage and he starts building more conviction in what you offer, so much so that your sales closures become much more speedier and more predictable.

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