9 Awesome Lead Generation Ideas for Service-Based Businesses

Internet is the repository of marvels and opportunities. Everything from the way we make calls to the way we connect and even advertising has changed a lot since the inception of digitalization. Digital marketing as discussed in the past blogs has been gaining popularity. But, how does that increase the business? There is where the term ‘Lead Generation’ comes into the fore.

What is it?

By definition, “it is the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business\’s products or services.” While this term is also associated to traditional marketing, in today’s time, the buying process and the general attitude of customers has significantly changed and so the marketing strategies often lean towards digital efforts. While marketers often focus on likes, impressions, clicks etc., lead generation plays a significant role in increasing business and more so in service-based businesses as it directly points towards sales. Organizations use various lead generation techniques to gain a good position in the market and make themselves known to the customers.

Let’s look at 9 awesome lead generation ideas for service based Businesses.

  1. Invest in SEO

Keyword-based searches are quite popular these days. And where better to look for than Google. Various tools help in identifying the most frequent searches. Investing in SEO means gaining from targeted keywords, which in turn also helps in reaching out to targeted audience and in delivering custom experience by pushing advertisements and suggestions too.

  1. Utilizing Social Media Buttons

Be it a brochure given out or gated content or the newsletter, using active social media buttons makes connection easier. Qualified leads usually show interest by sharing and liking your messages and also helps in broadening your audience range.

  1. Banking On Videos

Videos are powerful, and tend to leave a lasting impact on the audience. Promo videos usually help the visitors understand your services in a gist. And certain tools allow to add Call-to-action (CTA) button in the video, hence opening up greater possibility for lead capture.

  1. Creating a Knowledge Repository

While being thought leaders may not be possible for all. Sharing what you know through blogs and free resources helps in creating a different database of potential customers. Using gated content is more effective when it comes to lead generation, as the customers have to share at least a minimum information to get to the resource.

  1. Guest Blogging

Increasing visibility subtly is critical for lead generation. However, just posting on the company blog may not do the trick. This can be done by becoming a contributor in popular sites that the target audience visit. While the primary aim is to add value to the site, the exposure and back links are added benefits. Similarly allowing guest bloggers to contribute to your site can assist in increasing the network too.

  1. Mobile Campaign and CTAs

Major portion of internet activities is handled using mobile phones. The lead generation techniques hence, shouldn’t fall-out in that aspect. When designing the campaign elements, resources, landing pages etc. keep in mind the compatibility on mobiles and the overall interface design too.

  1. Twitter Lead Cards

Apart from the feature that supports searches for potential leads, Twitter also has a lead generation feature. Twitter Lead Cards are one click signups that boost conversations and allow to collect user’s email address.

  1. Conduct Surveys

Another important tool for lead generation is conversation. While live chats, conversations during an event etc. has its own significance. The use of short quiz or survey to gather opinions and feedback\’s can go a long way in terms of understanding the shortcomings and analyzing the general standing in the market, and not to forget identify users who are genuinely interested in the services your organization offers.

  1. Q&A

The thing about most potential sales prospects or clients is that they have queries and a lot at that. While having a simple FAQ page can be helpful. Taking initiative and answering questions in global portals, trying to solve the problems, highlighting the points where your service serves the best.

While lead generation may not be highly scientific, it still needs proper planning, strategy, and resources to add value to the effort. In addition to the above mentioned points, running a Facebook advertisement campaign or paid advertisements on other websites can positively influence the lead generation efforts. Also, the power of email marketing cannot be ignored. However, in the core it all depends on the type and quality of service provided and the market positioning gained through experience often counts too.

What techniques do you suggest for effective lead generation?

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