Why Is It Necessary to Have a Social Media Content Calendar

Know the Importance of Social Media Calendar. How It Can Help You Increase Your Reach

Social media plays a very important role in developing a brand presence online and increase its exposure. With the rise in popularity of social media channels, the more a brand is covered on social media, and the more people see it, the more likely they are to be aware of it.

With the constant flow of new content, latest news, daily updates, and ideas, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of managing multiple social media accounts. A social media content calendar is the best way to plan and organize all upcoming content that you will post on social media. Discover why you need one and how to get started.

What is a social media content calendar?

A Social media content calendar is a way to plan and streamline your social media strategies. It also helps in organizing all the upcoming content that you will post on social media. It’s very important to research before you start working on planning your social media calendar. Here are some things to consider 

      • Understand the interests of your audience
      • Competition Research – understand what they are posting and what is helping them get reach
      • Analyze your existing content
      • Analyze what is giving more traction, what more efforts we cant take to reach our audience, what more we can do to keep our audience engaged with us 

When you plan your social media activities well in advance, it will:

      • Save time by organizing things well in advance
      • Help you maintain consistency in social posting
      • Reduces the risk of errors
      • Help you plan your social media strategies
      • Not miss any important moments
      • Track what works best on Social media and can help you improve on it

Now when we know the benefits of creating a social media calendar, let’s deep dive and understand how we can plan our social media campaigns and streamline the process.

How to create a social media content calendar

1. Analyze your social networks

Before you start working on your social media strategies, it is very important to analyze your social networks. It helps in developing a clear picture of your current social media efforts and will let you identify the areas for improvement and plan new ideas. This Analysis will help you fine-tune your strategy and maximize your ROI. Few checklist points will help you analyze your audience.

      • Impostor accounts and outdated profiles
      • Goals and KPIs for each branded account, by platform
      • Your audience, their demographics, and personas
      • Analyze the social posts, campaigns, and tactics which got good results
      • Opportunities for improvement
      • Plan your KPIs to measure future success on each platform,

2. Choose your social channels 

Every Social Media Channel has a different strategy and a different audience with the best hours to post and various demographics. We need to analyze the purpose of each social channel and plan our social posts accordingly. 

LinkedIn is a more business-oriented social channel, and Facebook is good for creating informal connections.

3. Plan your calendar Template

Plan your calendar template in a way that covers all the main categories. You can add more advanced details that you might potentially find helpful and serve the purpose. Details like:

4. List your assets

Create a content library that lists all the assets that are present on your website, and you would like to promote them on social channels to increase your brand presence. Once you create the list, tagging each asset with a proper tag is also important to understand the traffic coming to each asset from various social channels.

5. Work on your posts

Start planning your posts as per the priority you would like to give your asset. Few points to consider:

      • Frequency of posts to each channel;
      • The best time to post to each channel 
      • Types of posts to be planned
      • Promotional posts
      • Ask A Question To Your Audience
      • Inspirational or Motivational Quotes
      • Testimonial Quote
      • Product or Service-oriented
      • Infographic
      • Long Post 
      • Promoting any Downloadable Asset (ebook, whitepaper, etc.)
      • News
      • Video 
      • Article
      • Festive posts and a lot more
      • What new we can do

6. Start publishing/scheduling

Analyze a suitable time to post on social channels and schedule your posts accordingly to reach more and more audience

7. Analyze the performance and improve accordingly

Once the post is up, measure its performance. Track the numbers as per the KPIs defined and accordingly work on improving the next social post-performance. Follow up on your scheduled posts by establishing a process of responding and engaging with your audience.

As a digital marketer, you can save your time to spend deciding what to post every single day. A well-planned social media content calendar lets you use your time to plan for the future and helps you focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy.

In case you need any help in planning a Social media content Calendar. Here is a template for you. Get in touch with us

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