Increase your ROI from event participation by over 300% !

Exhibitions, Conferences and events provide a great platform to showcase your products and services to newer audiences. They also give an opportunity to get introduced to new people and form new relationships. I am sure you must have formed a process to engage with ALL the visitors you meet at exhibitions and conferences, but are you able to reach out to all the visitors at the event.

What if you can reach your target audience before the conference and ensure you can pre-schedule meetings to meet with them? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can reach out to people whom you have not met at the conference?

The fact is that when you attend these events and conferences, especially in the US, you do not get list of contacts with email addresses. So while you can try and meet people, while at the event, doing offline segmentation and planning campaign reach-outs both before and after the event becomes almost impossible.

By now you must be wondering “how can I do this?” Well, the answer lies in Xenia’s List Building and list appending services.

Once you have the list of contacts, we help you append these lists to generate valid email addresses, so that you can plan targeted campaigns. We provide 100% verified email addresses and the best part is you pay only for the valid email addresses that you receive.

This will help you to digitally engage with the audience before and after the conference. We can also manage your digital campaigns to this audience. Doing targeted campaigns can increase your Return on Investment (ROI) from your participation in events, exhibitions and conferences.

Please check this Case Study where I explain how we have helped clients with List Building. Also check our List Building Flyer here.

Would you be interested in this kind of engagement in near future? Shoot me back an email if you want to work with us or need to know more.

We also offer services, where we help you develop your targeted customer’s contact data list on an on-going basis.

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