How To Promote a Product Using Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing agencies all over the world have changed the way they work in the last few years. Their journey with their customers transgressed from “Why Marketing” to “Why not even that in marketing” over the course. But now all of us pretty much speak the same language and swear on the same prominent tools. The traditional marketing era of Website-Brochures-Flyers trio has long passed and we have moved on to some efficient and effective tools in order to promote our product or service.

Decision to promote your product:

The main reason why we don’t go the traditional marketing route and focus on online marketing or digital marketing is to achieve the main agenda of reaching out to the target customer base and appealing to their needs. This will need some structured efforts, planning, and execution. You might also need to find a digital marketing agency who knows how to promote a product or service.

Customer research:

There are plenty of new-age marketing tools you can use but how do you know which is the right one for your product. That is why it is important to understand who your customer is, the demographics of your customers such as location, age group, their buying capability, and their needs. We don’t want to reach out to the customer who doesn’t require our product. Online research through websites like Google, Bloomberg, LinkedIn, etc. give you a fair idea of who your customer is.

Messaging and Positioning your product:

Once you understand who your customer is, it is important to finalize how you would position your product in front of them. It is always great to address the exact need your customer has in your marketing. Speaking about the pain areas of your customer such as cost-effectiveness or user-friendliness of the product will make them relate to your product faster.

Digital marketing tools to choose from:

Out of the many tools that are being developed every day as we speak, we need to choose the ones that would be beneficial for us. For example, in the manufacturing industry, social media marketing may be less helpful but paid social advertising and search engine marketing might play a bigger role. Here are some must use marketing tools for any product or service, these will not only take you closer to your marketing goals it will also help you gain business in the long run.

  1. Website Enablement:

The digital marketing journey for your product starts from building a website. A website is the first gateway for information on your company and its products and/or services. It also acts as a lead generation tool to capture the contact details of the customers who are interested in your product. Creating a catchy yet simple to understand website will be helpful to promote via social media. The website isn’t complete without search engine optimization, which in simple words can be explained as the method to make content, pictures, pages, and your complete website make more visible and easily available for your customers to find. Connecting your website with Google Analytics will enable your marketing efforts a lot more. Google Analytics will capture the traffic data coming to the website from various channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and from organic google search.

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

This is an important tool in digital marketing to ensure business growth. One of the most popular SEM products available in the market is Google Adwords also called Pay per click (PPC) model. Google Adwords allows users to create ads and promote them with appropriate fees on the Google search pages. Whenever the customer uses related keywords in their google search engine, your Google ad will appear on his results page. Clicking on that ad will lead the customer to the information you want to share with them. This is a very widely used tool and it also gives you detailed analytics of demographics of clicks or views on the ad.

  1. Email Marketing:

This tool is a major lead generation tool for most companies. You can use fairly simple products such as MailChimp or Zoho to send out product information to the email addresses you have. Some advanced software/platforms such as Oracle Eloqua, HubSpot or Marketo not only manage the email execution, they also manage the responses, calendar, and database in one place. They provide a lot of analytical data such as which emails have been opened, who opened it, the location of the customer, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, etc. Additionally, all have platforms have some unique offerings which complement with email marketing.


  1. Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing comprises of platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. Since these media are widely used by everyone, the chances of publicity are that much more. Plus social media acts as a great channel to drive traffic to your website or landing pages created for your products. These social platforms allow sharing of content, pictures and can also be used as a place of discussion, this creates an informal environment for customers to discuss their needs.

  1. Content Marketing:

This is an indirect way of marketing to promote your business. It\’s fairly new and yet to become a go-to option by everyone. The main goal of content marketing is to appeal to customers naturally. Focus is always on customers finding the content written on your product simply while browsing the web, they like it, interact with it, comment on it, share it and discuss it. High-quality content enables your customers to treat you as an expert in the field and gain their trust. You can create shareable content in the form of blogs, articles, white papers, newsletters, reports, videos or webinars.

One of the important things to understand about digital marketing is that all marketing tools and channels are interdependent and interconnected with each other. They fetch data from each other and provide it to us for a better understanding of our marketing efforts. The digital marketing agency you work with will help you multiply your marketing efforts efficiently and will help you understand how you can promote your product or business effectively.



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