How to Convince Your Boss You Need SEO Services?

“Hi Boss, I think we need SEO Services,” nice opening right? But, would that sell. How often have you been in a one sided conversation where the immediate Boss or the Boss of the Boss keeps pointing at the issues the website has, the low view rates, about the increased fallouts and so on? Why do we need digital marketing? Is the most common question that the team probably has to handle. Most of the times it is difficult to get a buy in to invest on anything new like SEO services.

So, how to Convince your Boss that your organization needs SEO services?

Show Data and Comparison Charts

Nothing works as much as data and charts do, when you have to convince anyone. Conduct an exhaustive study, collate data that can be used for comparison and create charts to showcase the same in the best possible manner. According to statistics, “57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative.”

Discuss the Benefits

List out the benefits of SEO, about how it can improve the website and assist the users in getting relevant information etc. SEO improves the quality of the website.How important is SEO for a new website success

Show Cost Analysis

SEO is comparatively less expensive than pay per click marketing and gives better results too. The cost aspect is lower too when the benefits are taken into account. While the process may seem slower at first, the results are often concrete.

Point Out How Competition Uses SEO

Bosses usually like to know what the completion is doing. Make use to research and bring this up during the conversation. If the competition is already benefiting, then don’t miss out on showcasing the results.

List The Future Prospects

Projecting the future prospects is another way to convince the Boss. After all, every Boss would want the organization to stay ahead and adapt to future changes. So, list out the reasons why SEO services will be more important in the digital world.5 Ways to Improve Website Ranking

Throw in the Bait of Free Tools

When nothing else works, the word ‘Free’ often does. Use it as the last card to win the cause. While SEO can be handled in-house too, the availability of some free tools makes it a whole lot easier. Tools such are Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Wordtracker etc. are free to use and evolving constantly.

If the Boss is too conservative, you may have to start from pointing out the flaws in the website and showcase that only SEO can save the failing situation. And keep trying as nothing works as well as perseverance in some cases. Do let us know, how you eventually convinced your Boss?

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