How do you get Thought Leadership Content to drive more Leads & Sales?

I talk to a lot of potential customers,  entrepreneurs, owners and they ask me. How can they use Content Marketing Strategy to drive Lead Generation or how do they go about defining a Content Strategy to drive more sales ?. Let\’s cover some of these points through this post

Having a sound Content Marketing Strategy helps you build significant Thought leadership

It is radically different from traditional top-down leadership. It has nothing to do with climbing a hierarchy. Whenever you advocate a new idea to your colleagues or boss, you show thought leadership. You can expand the same discussion to your products & services. If you demonstrate to your customers an innovative way of doing things and solving a business problem, you are essentially creating thought leadership!

By creating this thought leadership consistently, you are expanding the segment, market all the time.

To be a thought leader, you need to immerse yourself in your professional domain and search for new things that add value to your customer\’s business. Thought leadership through use of strategic content is being increasingly used nowadays. Strategic content is taking many forms, some of the popular ones being white papers, e-books, Articles, Blogs, Webinars etc.

Here\’s how thought leadership via strategic content helps you directly in generating more leads and thereby more sales.

  1. Helps you position your capabilities the way you want to project it

    Strategic marketing content helps in creating thought leadership position and allows you to create a unique space for yourself, a space that you choose to occupy. You also get a chance to do all of this without really getting into a sales pitch.

  2. Forces buyers to look at various dimensions before making a purchase

    By providing an unbiased opinion and an analysis of various dimensions related to the product, you force the buyer to look at various aspects related to the decision before he makes the purchase. More likely than not, you end up highlighting the areas, where your product is strong and tilt the scales in your favour.

  3. It creates a lasting impression

    People who are impressed by your thoughts and opinions are more likely to consider you more seriously, when they need to make a purchase decision.

  4. It has huge referral and residual value

    Thought leadership helps in bringing a significant referral value, residual value and helps in viral and community based marketing.

What initiatives are you taking to use Content Marketing Strategy to drive Lead Generation (How to leverage content marketing to drive lead generation) or how are you going about defining a Content Strategy to drive more sales?.  You might also want to read Content Marketing Strategy to drive Thought Leadership and expand segments

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