Grow Your Business Using Inbound Marketing

As a business owner, you know that setting-up and running a business is hard work. With this post we are talking about how to grow your business using Inbound Marketing.

When you run a business, progress is often slow, and in many cases, you may not grow fast enough to survive in a competitive market. This lack of rapid growth is one of the reasons why 90 percent of the businesses fail to prosper. It’s difficult enough to hear this sad fact, but it’s more resourceful to know what you can do today to prevent your business from shutting down. one thing you can definitely do is plan to grow your business using Inbound Marketing. 

If you’re wondering how you can multiply your customer base and revenue in a short period of time then your answer is to grow your business with inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing refers to a marketing strategy that helps companies bring their potential audience to their business, rather than having the marketing team pay a hefty amount and fight for the customer’s attention. Inbound is uniquely positioned to grow with your business, ensuring you’re always growing in an optimal way. That means inbound marketing can be leveraged by almost any business of any size. Whether you’re a huge corporation or a tiny start-up with a handful of employees, inbound marketing can work with you to provide the tools you need to grow and keep growing.

Why Inbound Marketing Is Effective For your Businesses?

Inbound Marketing is all about creating and disseminating valuable content online. An effective and comprehensive inbound marketing campaign offers businesses:

  • An affordable way of generating quality leads
  • The ability to shape a brand and build brand awareness
  • A better way to get noticed and found by potential customers
  • A path for building a relationship and engaging with customers at their point of need
  • An easy to scale, adaptable marketing solution that is easy to start and inexpensive to maintain

In this article, we will share proven ways to grow your business using Inbound Marketing.

  1. Purchase Business Contact Lists

Prospective business contact lists are a key tool for kick-starting the process of generating new leads, especially for cold emailing and cold calling. It’s important to know that the contact data on your list is not only clean and up to date, but also filtered by the right attributes to ensure it is a close match for your target market customers.

When deciding where to purchase your business list, pay close attention to the attributes that more closely match your target customer profile. For instance; company size, industry, job title and geographic location. The more information you have in your business lists, the more segmented campaigns you can run to these lists.

  1. Use LinkedIn & LinkedIn Sales Navigator

A basic LinkedIn account is free and allows you to connect with all of your business contacts and explore their connections too. More people you know will have at least 200-300 connections, which gives you huge potential to be introduced to the people you want to know by the people that you already know.

LinkedIn also has a separate tool specifically for sales lead intelligence and acquisition purposes called Sales Navigator. This allows you to easily find new leads and gain useful insight into decision makers so that you can personalize your cold email (or InMail) communication to create more sales opportunities.

For $80/user/month, the Sales Navigator Professional package gives you all the main features you need. You can search for and filter individual sales lead searches via 31 different attributes like “Leads with recent job changes” and companies via 14 different attributes like “Company headcount growth”.

  1. Cold Emailing

Cold emails can range from being rigid templates that just change the salutation to “Dear Rahul” at the start to totally personalized emails for each person you communicate with.

We recommend creating cold emails that tend towards the highly personalized end of the range. This is because the more personalized the cold email is, the more likely you will receive a response. As a general rule of thumb, you will only receive 1 or maybe 2 responses from a batch of 500 templated cold emails. But if you research each prospect or segment your reach-outs by category well and and highly personalize each communication, you can increase this response rate to 1 in 5 or 1 in 10.

  1. Engage on social with paid ads

There is one thing to maintain a decent social presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram. The presence helps in creating a following and builds brand recall. However paid advertising on Facebook offers you the options to target specific set of individuals with specific ads.

Facebook ads, done in combination with Facebook Pixel, installed on your website helps in remarketing to the visitors on your website. If they have visited your website, they already know you a bit, and now if you can serve them targeted ads on the FB platform, you build that affinity further.

In our next post, we will cover some more effective ways to grow your business using inbound marketing. We will cover the following.

Stay tuned for further details.

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