Email Campaigns to generate Inbound leads that Work

When it comes to marketing to generate Inbound leads what better medium can there be to help target audience make an informed decision, but email marketing? Email is still one of the best channels for driving marketing ROI. Those who have managed to turn email marketing into a successful inbound channel, however, see better results. Inbound email marketing seeks to build and nurture a relationship with new, existing as well as inactive customers.  We had also done a post recently on How Inbound Marketing is steadily replacing Cold Calling

Generate Inbound leads that work

Once you’ve created search-engine-optimized content to ATTRACT website visitors, you’ve successfully laid the foundation for sending inbound emails. An inbound email marketing strategy can then be incorporated at the three successive stages of marketing, namely CONVERT, CLOSE, and DELIGHT.

  1. Convert Visitors into Leads, welcome them

The first inbound email comes into play when the user signs up or makes the first interaction with your brand, whether it is the first purchase, first resource download or webinar registration. This is the first step to start to generate Inbound leads

How Do Welcome Emails Help?

  • First and foremost, welcome emails set the tone for future communication, namely two-way communication.
  • They create a lasting impression and make the subscriber feel valued.
  • They increase engagement by building a strong brand image.
  1. Turn Leads into Customers

The next series of emails allows you to nurture leads until they are “sales-ready”. The objective of  the pitch is not your product or service, rather to have a conversation with prospects, educating them with relevant content through every stage of the buyer journey. You can include blog posts, white papers, or any other resource that teaches them about things they want to know. What did they last download? Which topic was it about? Which pages on your website do they frequently visit?. You can use all of this information to start to generate Inbound leads

How Do Nurturing Emails Help?

  • 73% B2B leads are not sales-ready. Hence, these emails help prospects who are looking for information rather than to make a purchase.
  • Since nurturing emails are personalized to prospects’ preferences and previous interactions, they are more likely to move down the funnel.
  • Nurturing emails make it possible to upsell or cross-sell your products and services to existing customer.  
  1. Delight Customers

The final stage of an inbound marketing strategy is ‘delight’. You can delight customers by sending an email, expressing gratitude for their loyalty. You can get more creative by offering a discount, contest, or even a free trial of a new feature.

How Do Delight Emails Help?

  • By consistently providing offers that customers love, you help to turn them into brand evangelists.
  • Delight emails enhance the word-of-mouth publicity for your company, thereby creating a platform for referral marketing.
  • These emails work as a persuasive tool to encourage customers to make more frequent purchases.

Whether you like to generate Inbound leads , acquire new customers or retain existing ones, an inbound email marketing strategy helps you achieve all your goals successfully. By keeping your emails conversational, helpful, and valuable, you will surely see more conversions, ROI, and business growth. All of this will help significantly to generate Inbound leads.10 Things you need to know to Drive business Growth using LinkedIn

In our next post, we will cover some more effective ways to grow your business using inbound marketing. We will cover the following.

  • How Inbound Marketing Uses Social Media To Drive Leads  

Stay tuned for further details.

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