Does cold calling work for lead generation?

When we get to management school, we often hear the common adage \”Work smarter, not harder\” It is frustrating to see so many sales organizations trying to slog their sales engines out using old-age methods and tactics. Come on guys, the world has changed, isn\’t it time you changed your sales approach too? Let\’s ask a simple question, Does cold calling work for lead generation? If you are still invested in cold calling, it is time you changed.

Focus on sales enabling solutions not cold calling

Most companies I talk to are willing to spend huge amounts of money on sales compensation, hiring junior guys to do massive cold calling into target prospects. Even when the hit ratio is a meager 0.5 to 1 %, they continue on this path. They are not even aware of the amount of negative branding that this creates for their company and brand. Isn\’t it time you did some introspection and asked the critical question. Does cold calling work for lead generation?  It makes sense to re-visit the customer buying cycle and  see what you are doing to map to this buying cycle.

I classically call this as sales enabling solutions. It is important to enable your sales team with the right tools and prospect awareness; so that they can truly focus on conversions and help you generate revenue. What are the different kinds of sales enabling solutions that you need to think about? Well that certainly depends on the kind of company you are and the products/services that you are trying to take to market.

We, at Xenia have been working at delivering these sales enabling solutions to clients, achieve their business objectives, far more efficiently. Feel free to reach us and we will be very happy to engage with you. You might also want to read \’Is firing your sales guys a solution to your growth challenges\’

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Atul Dhakappa

2 thoughts on “Does cold calling work for lead generation?”

  1. Nice Post Atul. I agree with you that cold calling is a very negative way of doing things. AELOC, is the right approach. How much time does it take, before actual sales start after using this approach?

    Anand Davda

    1. Anand, I am glad you liked it. There is no magic number that works for all, but it makes sense to cultivate and convert and it is a lot easier to do that with people who are aware about what you can do for them.

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