Digital Marketing Solutions for Smart Home Automation Providers

We are in the world of luxury and comforts and we strive for it in every aspect of our life. With the real estate market as well, you would have seen that most of the properties being marketed today are with premium amenities. People want their homes to be the best. Purchasing power and affordability is on the rise. Something which is catching people by storm in the real estate market is the availability of smart home automation. In this post, we are going to talk about digital marketing solutions for smart home automation providers.

What is Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation solutions provide amazing amount of convenience to the users and helps them manage their home much more easily and also from remote locations. Solutions could range from controlling lights, Air conditioning, Security and surveillance applications, sensors, door locks and a variety of other gadgets that you can think of.
Home automation provides you seamless control over all aspects of our home and more. With home automation, you dictate how a device should react, when it should react, and why it should react. You set the schedule and the rest is automated and based of your personal preferences thus providing convenience, control, money savings, and an overall smarter home.

Home automation can also alert you to events that you might want to know about right-away while you are gone like water leaks and unexpected access to your home, or any part of it. At any time, you can grab your iPhone, Android device or other remote control and change the settings in your house as desired.

Digital marketing solutions for smart home automation providers – what does it mean?

Well, when it comes to marketing, the most important question to answer is who is the target market and what are ways to reach the target market. Let’s address this step by step

Who is the target market

There are 2 distinct target markets really. The builders, who are developing real estate and the end consumers, who are savvy about home automation solutions and would like to get it fitted in their homes

How do you reach these target markets


Email campaigns
You can find out the names of the builders that you wish to target, buy or build their email addresses and reach out to them seeking a meeting to discuss more. This can be done using email campaigns and phone follow-ups. You can also use physical mailings with brochures and other interesting engagement mechanisms to engage with the builders.

Sales mechanisms
You can have sales guys fixing appointments with builders and telling them more about the solution and generating sales inquiries. That is the most used approach, but you will quickly realize that this is an expensive option and getting a good sales guy is not easy.

Events and Expos
You can be present at real estate expos where builders are present and then showcase your solutions to them at these expos. It is a good idea to showcase here as there is a lot of footfall of buyers as well, and whatever you do will also create a significant branding presence as well.

End consumers


For the keywords that are relevant for a smart home automation related search, you can optimize your web pages and make sure that your web pages are the ones which are found, when a user searches for smart home automation solutions. Achieving a position on the 1st page is difficult, but not impossible. It needs to be properly planned and executed.  Why SEO is important for Business?

Facebook brand presence and advertising

You can maintain a consistent presence on Facebook pages and build your own brand and thought leadership in the smart home automation space. By posting engaging content and leveraging paid ads, you can build an audience of people who are interested in smart home automation solutions. Occassionally, you can throw in an offer and monetize the brand that you have built using the channel.

Facebook advertising offers you amazing possibilities to target specific users, in specific regions. With a range of advertising options, you can do lots to build, engage and convert your audience. Getting familiar with Facebook Ads

Videos presence

A video can communicate much faster than any form of content. If you have the right emotions packed in and if you can explain the value of specific smart home automation solutions to users, then videos will really help you significantly to reach and influence your audience.

Advertorials in media

Having regular paid advertorial features in print media is a great option to create branding and a consistent presence. To do this in the form of an advertorial is even better. It appears like a regular editorial post, but you can start creating a presence for your brand. The focus of the content should be to help user decide how to use smart home automation better.

Ads in media

Ads always provide great visibility, but they are expensive too. If you are having a decent presence on digital media, then print media ads, hoardings can be used sparingly to save on budgets. The problem with print media ads and hoardings is that you can never calculate the real ROI from the spends. This is where digital marketing really helps you a lot and you can virtually track everything.

The role of premium content and utility guides to help people plan their smart home decisions

If you create premium content documents like white papers, eBooks or guides, which will help people plan their smart home decisions, then this can get you a lot of targeted traffic. You would have engaged with a bunch of people who are interested in the smart home automation field. Engaging with these people on a regular basis will help nurture these relationships to a level where they will buy from you.

Google Ads – search and display network

Just like Facebook, when you want to reach a wider audience, Google Ads offers you great options. Whether it is the search network or the display network, you can reach a targeted audience very efficiently and serve your ad to them. This can help you build greater awareness as well as help you convert leads. Google search or display ads – what is better

Email newsletters to customers and website engaged visitors

You already have customers, so why not leverage them to further the value of your brand. Engage with them frequently, Tell them what new you are doing to improve your quality and services further. Tell them about new arrivals from your brand, about where you are going to be present to showcase your brand etc. There can be many ideas, but your existing customers can be great brand ambassadors, helping you extend the reach of your messaging.

Case study content and videos

Case studies always work very well. Whether they are in text form or in the form of videos, they always help communicate the brand values in a very special way. If the photos can show the premium nature of homes or you can communicate about the level of convenience you are able to offer based on the smart home automation solutions, your messages will have an awesome reach.

I hope this post was able to give you some ideas about how Digital marketing solutions for smart home automation providers are relevant and can be effectively used to generate increased level of branding. The higher the branding and recall, it is more likely that the consumers will ask for your solution by name and builders will be more happy than earlier to include that as a part of their standard portfolio.

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