The Power of Call to Action

Websites have evolved dramatically over the past years, tailored to match the expectations of your target audience, optimized to create maximum impact. Now that you have made an impact with your content, it’s essential to drive the audience in the right direction. Almost like prompting them to make the next move. This can be your first attempt to create a sales funnel that you want your audience to follow, you can do all this with the help of CTA’s and give your audience a productive, fruitful experience of navigating through your website.

Let’s understand, What is a Call-To-Action (CTA)?

To give it a perspective, if we consider there is an ongoing conversation between prospects and businesses. Websites, blogs, emails, newsletters, etc. can be regarded as the medium/ tools to have these conversations. These conversations can be precious; however, they don’t necessarily drive any actionable results. Businesses often discover that they have successfully driven traffic to the website/blogs or other such mediums mentioned above. Still, the conversion of this traffic into leads is a bottle-neck. CTA’s can help to convert this traffic into leads/ inquiries and can be great conversation starters. Higher conversion rates are definitely a benefit of Call-to-actions.

There can be numerous CTA’s used to take the conversation to the next level, driving prospect just that bit closer to becoming a customer. Now that we have established the importance of using CTA’s, the next most crucial thing is the placement of these CTA’s. The top bar of the website, having them pop-up from the bottom of the page, use them as a form, blogs, buttons below the content, etc. No matter the placement/type of CTA you use, make sure that it is easily visible and stands out from the rest of the content.

Let\’s now look at what your CTA should say,

We recommend the Call-to-action to communicate value, be crisp, suggest action, create urgency, be clear. The thing to note here is that you are appealing to the subconscious of your reader asking them to indulge with you, if this wasn’t enough of a challenge, you have a limited period for grabbing their attention. This makes it very important to get the CTA’s on point. Don’t be afraid to ask your audience to perform a particular action; at the same time, don’t be too flashy or over aggressive with your CTA’s.

While it makes sense to spend time testing different types of Call-to-actions, it is at times impossible for business owners to assign time for the same. It is advisable to partner with a digital marketing agency that can manage your email marketing and can also support you with digital marketing tips for your CTA’s.

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