Best Time to Post on Social Media

At a time when social media is evolving at break-neck speed, there is a constant flow of content that is vying for attention. Timing is almost everything then and it isn’t enough to just post content to social media platforms whenever you feel like it. There has to be a careful thought given to some times that are better than others. People are known to browse each social network differently, and businesses may find different days and times that work best for them.

So, while there is no perfect one answer on the best time to post on all kinds of social media, you can still get the most eyes possible on your content to maximize engagement. Good timing to post depends on what platform you are using, what your target audience is, the regions you are targeting, your marketing goals, etc.

Here is Best Time to Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

  1. Best time to Post on Facebook

People love to log in to Facebook on mobile devices while at home or on the go. Many also log in through their desktop computers/laptops at work or even at home.

The best time to post on average is 9 am. These posts are viewed by people as they login when they are just about to start work and are going online for the first time. There is another spike in Facebook clickthrough rates between 1 pm and 4 pm when people may be taking their lunch break or it could be downtime at work. The best days to post on Facebook are Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tuesday is not considered to be a great day to post on Facebook. Weekends get the highest level of engagement.

  1. Best Time to Post on Instagram

Most users log in to Instagram from their mobile devices. It has been found that while as many as 60% of US users use the app daily, many engage more during off-work hours than during the workday. The best times to post on Instagram on average is 11 am to 1 pm during lunch and at the end of the typical workday i.e. and 7 pm to 9 pm.

The best days to post on Instagram are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesdays get the highest level of engagement on Instagram. Sunday is the worst day to post on Instagram, though the best time to post on Instagram is Saturday at 5 pm.

  1. Best Time to Post on Twitter

Twitter is also used by people on mobile devices as well as laptops or computers like Facebook both at work and at home. It is often treated like an RSS feed, and people prefer to read it during downtimes in their day, like travels, commutes, work breaks, etc.

The best time to post on Twitter for business is during the lunch hour of 12 noon to 1 pm. It is also a good idea to schedule posts just before lunch. Workdays attract the highest level of engagement on Twitter. Posting at lunch every day Monday to Friday can help increase social media engagement. While weekends are the worst days to post on Twitter, Wednesday is the best day to post. The ideal time to maximize retweets and clickthroughs is noon or 5 to 6 pm.

For B2C companies, the best days to tweet are weekends. For B2B companies, the best days to tweet are weekdays. This is because people often shop for business needs when they are working on weekdays and meet their personal shopping needs on their off days which is weekends.

  1. Best Time to Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is used by about 25% of adults in the US mainly for professional purposes, during weekdays and work hours. It may not be used as much as all other social media platforms.

It’s a good idea to post on LinkedIn between 10 am to noon. B2C, media, and higher- ed organizations have the narrowest windows for when to post for maximum performance: 12 noon, 8 am, and 10 am are their best times, respectively. Wednesday is the best day to post on LinkedIn. Weekends and after work hours tend to be the worst times to post on LinkedIn for engagement and visibility.

  1. Best Time to Post on Pinterest

Pinterest has a heavier ratio of female users.

The best times to post on Pinterest are 8 to 11 pm. Mothers often tend to use Pinterest actively which may be why they tend to post later in the evening. Unlike many other social media platforms, evening commutes are some of the worst times to post to Pinterest. This could be because it’s not as ‘browsable’, with many pins requiring navigation away from the channel. Saturdays are the best days to post on Pinterest. Sundays work well too.


While the above listed are some options for timings, the best time to post on social media depends on what social platform you are using and the time zone the majority of your customers are in. You can experiment at the times that your audience engages the most to achieve good results. If you need more help developing your social media content calendar, you can get in touch with experts.

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