Benefits of Hashtags : The Complete Guide

Hashtag (#) is a vital component of social media use. Does your brand know how to use a hashtag and get the most value out of them?

The beauty of hashtag is that your post can reach to your target audience, grow your followers, maximize your engagement and establish a positive brand image. So plan your hashtag strategy if you want to grow your account!

Many articles are there related to the use of hashtags but small entrepreneurs are still not clear. So we have put together a complete guide that covers everything you need to know about using hashtags.

Let’s first understand what is a hashtag.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a method of indexing keywords for easy discovery. Hashtags are keyword or keyword phrases written without spaces and prefaced with a pound symbol (#). They are used to search for events, conversations, topics, content, and images online.

Originally hashtag was started in twitter in 2007 but are now in all social media platforms

For example, you want to learn about affiliate marketing. Search for #affilliatemarketing. Any post on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using this hashtag will be surfaced. Thus hashtags help in discovering the content related to that topic which you can learn.


Why use hashtags or Benefits of hashtags in business

As a social media marketer, hashtags are part of our day to day life now. The hashtag is the best way to differentiate the digital novice from digital natives as per the way they use hashtags.

Have a look at the benefits of hashtags in business.

  • Through hashtags, people can find your content and engage with you
  • Hashtags are used to touch on the interests of your target audience
  • Hashtags are used for commentary or punch line
  • Hashtags improve click-through rates and engagement
  • Hashtags are great for research: It helps to find relevant content by search on specific hashtags
  • Hashtags enable to create conversations without participants.
  • Hashtags can help to grow your business.
  • Hashtags coupled with a clever tweet can even improve your online reputation

How to use hashtags properly?

Hashtags help to find the topic immediately but you need to use them properly.

  • A hashtag is a single word: Do not use space between # and the keyword.
  • While using multiple words also don’t use space, punctuation or special characters in between.
  • You can distinguish different words by capital letters. For example, #InternetManagement
  • Hashtags don’t work properly with punctuation: For example, the hashtag #Let’sDoIt is not correct. Your actual hashtag is #Let
  • Don’t add the hashtag in all the words, add relevant hashtags. It also depends on the social channel (In twitter use fewer hashtags whereas in Instagram you can use more)

How to find trending and best hashtags?

When hashtags are used on popular topics they climb the list of trending topics. But how to track such hashtags so you can use it in tweets and posts. There are some handy hashtag tools that help to find the trending and the best hashtags.

These tools have their own pros and cons but they can help you in developing a better understanding of how you can use hashtags to identify your niche, target customers per location, and engage your target audience and so on.

Tools used to find the trending and best hashtags

  • it:
    This is a valuable tool to build relationships and discover leads on Twitter. It allows you to manage multiple profiles, know whom to follow or not, identify key influencers and monitor hashtags. This has multiple features that not only allow you to schedule tweets but also notifies you of your mentions and manage your followers. This all is done via twitter hashtag tracking.
  • Trendsmap:
    Trendsmap is also a great tool to discover trending topics, and hashtags worldwide. Based on the different plans you can customize your research and dig from the recent to old hashtags. You can click on your hashtags and see who has used it on twitter. Thus this tool ensures you know what is trending in the Twitter world.
  • Tagboard:
    Tagboard is a tool to keep track of popular hashtags across multiple social media platforms. It makes each user search personal and interactive. Users can create their own tagboard for tracking specific hashtags and provides a real-time feed of a hashtag across platforms. This tool makes searching a specific hashtag easier. You need to search any hashtag to see a feed of all related hashtags and updates from the various social networks.
  • me: is a free tool used to find which hashtags are the best ones for your goals. Hashtag intelligence helps you in searching the most relevant and the best hashtags to enhance your reach, recognize relevant influencers, and amplify your social media productivity.
  • RiteTag:
    RiteTag tool allows you to explore the possibilities hashtags are used for. Apart from text Ritetag suggests you hashtags for images as well.



Use the right hashtags to develop a positive image in front of your users. Things which we have learned in this article:

    • What is a Hashtag?
    • Benefits of Hashtags.
    • How to use Hashtags properly?
    • How to find the trending and best hashtags?

If you have missed out anything, scroll back and review. Let\’s see what are the Top 7 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising

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