B2B Digital Marketing: Email Marketing Campaign Tactics that will increase conversion 2X

Email marketing is one of the best ways to get in touch with potential B2B customers. It helps businesses connect with their customers and get the word out about their goods and services. But the success of an email marketing campaign depends on how many people click through, get influenced and buy something. This blog post will talk about the email conversion rate, how to figure it out, and the strategies that will double the conversion rate.

What is email Conversion rate in email marketing Campaign?

Email conversion rate is the number of people who do what you want them to do after getting an email. This action could be anything, like buying something, filling out a form, or signing up for a newsletter. It is one of the most important ways to measure how well an email marketing campaign is doing.

What is ideal conversion rate and how to calculate the conversion rate in email marketing Campaign?

The best conversion rate depends on the type of email campaign, the target audience, and the industry. But for most B2B email campaigns, a conversion rate of 2% to 5% is seen as a good benchmark.

To figure out the conversion rate, divide the number of people who did what you wanted by the number of people who got the email, then multiply that number by 100. For example, if you sent an email to 1,000 people and 20 of them bought something, your conversion rate would be 2%.

Email Marketing Campaign Tactics that will increase conversion 2X

B2B Email Marketing Trends to Know for 2023

1) Email Marketing Campaign Automation

Automation makes email marketing easier and lets businesses send customers emails that are more personal. It includes emails that are sent when a certain event happens, like welcome emails, emails sent when a shopping cart is abandoned, and emails that try to get the customer interested again.

2) Personalization

Personalization is the key to email marketing campaigns that do well. It helps businesses connect with their customers by letting them address them by name and send them content that is relevant to them.

3) User-generated content

Email marketing campaigns can benefit a lot from content made by users. It has reviews from customers, comments from other people, and posts from social media.

4) Interactivity/ Adding interactive elements

Adding things that people can interact with, like GIFs, videos, and quizzes, can make emails more interesting and increase the likelihood that people will convert.

5) Sending newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to let customers know about new products and services, changes in the industry, and news about the company.

Strategies and Tactics to increase conversion

  • Compelling subject lines

When someone gets an email, the first thing they see is the subject line. It is important to come up with a catchy subject line that makes them want to open the email. Some tips for writing catchy subject lines are to be brief, make the subject line personal, and use scarcity to create a sense of urgency. Find out how you can use best email marketing subject lines to increase your open rate

  • Mobile-friendly emails/ Optimize your mobile experience

More than half of all emails are read on phones and tablets. It is important to make emails that work well on mobile devices and are optimized for the mobile experience.

  • Segment your email to reach the correct audience

When you segment your email list, you can send specific emails to groups of customers. This makes it more likely that someone will convert and less likely that they will unsubscribe.

  • Integrate dynamic Content

Personalized content that changes based on the recipient’s interests and actions is called “dynamic content.” It helps businesses give their customers a more personalized experience and boosts their chances of making a sale.

  • Perform A/B testing

Businesses can test different parts of their email marketing campaigns, like subject lines, calls to action, and content, with A/B testing. It helps businesses improve their email marketing campaigns and boost the number of people who buy from them.

  • Strong Call To Action [CTA]

An important part of an email marketing campaign is a strong call to action (CTA). It’s the thing that businesses want people to do, like “Buy Now” or “Learn More.” A strong call to action (CTA) should be clear, to the point, and stand out in the email.

  • Deliver critical updates on time

Getting important updates, like new product launches, sales, and news about the industry, on time can increase the chances of a conversion. It shows that the business takes care of its customers and is proactive.

  • Leverage the power of re-engagement emails

Re-engagement emails are a great way to get back in touch with customers who have stopped doing business with a company or have stopped doing business with the company. There are special offers, reminders, and surveys in it.

  • Domain Authentication

Domain authentication makes it easier for emails to be sent and less likely that they will end up in the spam folder. It has DKIM, SPF, and DMARC as parts of it.

How Xenia Consulting will help you to increase the conversion in Email Marketing Campaign

Xenia Consulting provides email marketing services in India. We help businesses create and implement effective email marketing campaigns. Some ways that Xenia can help businesses to increase conversion in their email marketing campaigns include:


    • Automated email marketing campaigns: Xenia provides automated email marketing campaigns that are triggered based on customer behavior, such as welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and re-engagement emails.

    • Personalization: Xenia helps businesses to personalize their email marketing campaigns by addressing customers by their name and sending them relevant content.

    • Mobile-friendly emails: Xenia creates mobile-friendly emails that are optimized for the mobile experience.

    • Segmentation: Xenia helps businesses to segment their email list and send targeted emails to specific groups of customers.

    • Dynamic content: Xenia integrates dynamic content into email marketing campaigns to create a more personalized experience for customers.

  • A/B testing: Xenia performs A/B testing to optimize email marketing campaigns and increase conversion rates.


Email marketing is a powerful tool for B2B businesses to engage with their customers and promote their products and services. The success of an email marketing campaign depends on the conversion rate, and businesses can increase conversion rates by following the tactics discussed in this blog post. Xenia Consulting can help businesses create and implement effective email marketing campaigns that increase conversion rates. As a content marketing agency in India, we recommend that businesses should consider these tactics and work with experts to create a successful email marketing campaign.

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