A 7-point check-list to make a great sales call

You always want to make that great sales call. Wouldn’t it be better to have a check-list to make a great sales call. What all do you need to gather before you can ensure that you can get to that objective almost every single time.

Here’s a quick check-list to make a great sales call

  1. Prepare for the call

Do info gathering from the low level contacts and make the right pitch to the high level contacts. Make your communication relevant to the person that you are speaking with. This will include contact research and company/industry research. Attempt to solve issues

  1. Respect the other person’s time

Thank him and take permission for every time slab that you are taking from him. Plan objectives for your first 15 seconds slot, then for the next 30 seconds and so on.

  1. Use clear crisp messaging

Do not take too long to get to the point. Don’t beat around the bush.  Deliver strong messages with clear pauses in between. Remember that you don’t need to keep talking and listening is equally important. Please give the other person an opportunity to speak (approve/disapprove etc.).  Use a conversation tone and not as if you are reading out a script

  1. Make it personal

Use name of contact as many times as possible during the conversation, especially during the initial conversations. Use as many names as possible from your earlier calls, so as to make it comfortable. Focus on making the person that you talk to a hero at his job

  1. Smile

The warmth of a smile travels through all communication channels

  1. Don’t sell on the call

Try to get to the next step, as per your defined objectives Focus on getting the customer qualified as per your qualification criteria

  1. Remember that there are no personal failures

If one attempt fails or one company contact fails, move over to the next one, you have a job to be done

Hope this check-list to make a great sales call is useful to you,

Please share your thoughts and feedback. Why do you need to control your sales urge in winning new business?

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