6 Lead Generation Techniques to Supercharge Your Sales Funnel.

Are you relying on traditional methods to generate leads? Are you able to generate leads for your business ?

Many organizations go by the rulebook. They make all the correct choices, hire the right people, and they do everything right. However, does that necessarily ensure better results?

For most, it doesn’t. With the evolution of lead generation methods, it is important to keep moving ahead with your audience. You prospective customers grow weary of old techniques and eventually stop responding to them.

Hence, we have compiled a list of 6 lead generation techniques to supercharge your sales. Using these methods, you can directly reach out to the prospects likely to convert.

Here are some lead generation techniques that work:

  1.  Look After Your Social Presence

    Today, social presence matters a lot for every salesperson or marketer. Why? Just because it is easy to find you online and check how you work around your social media.

    For instance, if we talk about your LinkedIn profile, then the moment you reach your prospect, he’ll check your LinkedIn profile. The reason is simple, first, professionals use LinkedIn to connect, and second, obviously, your prospects want to confirm your authenticity and social image. So, change your profile picture to something professional, have a nice bio, efficiently explain your experience, and intelligently pick your headline.

    Social media presence also includes other things such as blogging, guest blogging, and creatives.

    Blogging is the best way to reach out to your prospects. People may read your how-to blogs and might want to collaborate with you. For this, it is important that you target the problems your audience is facing.

    Guest blogging is again similar, but it is more inclined towards displaying your brand value and not just solving customer issues. 10 things you need to know to drive business growth using LinkedIn

    Whenever we are scrolling our social media accounts, a good creative makes us stop. Isn’t it? People will stop and read what you are trying to say if you post beguiling creative and interactive videos.

  2. Enhance Your Email Outreach

    Email outreach is still the fastest way to generate and convert leads. However, there’s a twist – you need to drop old ways. Earlier, cold emailing worked best and everyone used to make a list of prospects and then send them long emails. Now, people don’t read these emails and these directly go to the spam box.

    Start by making a list that contains only potential clients and leave out people who you doubt will avail your services or product. Then, work on the email content and graphics, both of which should be extraordinary. This is not a normal email that you’d drop to an old client. This is meant to attract new clients and that needs a perfect draft and eye-catchy graphic. Your content copy should be short and sweet. Increasing the length of content won’t do you any good.

    Additionally, personalize these emails for every client as far as possible. People like it when they are exclusively addressed.

  3. Explore the Power of Online Communities

    Everybody uses LinkedIn to connect with other professionals and entrepreneurs, but, these days, you can also extract some sources from Facebook groups and Quora.

    Join various groups and communities on Facebook and LinkedIn and answer questions on Quora along with posting blogs. This will highlight you in front of your prospects. When people need some services they post in such groups and then you can directly pitch clients. You can also post on LinkedIn, Quora, and Facebook about your brand.

    If we specifically talk about LinkedIn, then work towards growing your audience. Post blogs and personalized articles in order to reach to potential customers. People in this wide network may also be able to refer your services to someone they know.

  4. Utilize Influencer Marketing

    People trust influencers as they give honest reviews about products and services. And it will be hard for you to develop this level of trust with your potential audience. However, you can straightaway connect with influencers to do this for you.

    But, this is not as easy as it sounds. You will have to reach out to these influencers, connect with them, and have a fruitful business relationship with them. These can include leaders with great knowledge on the subject. You will have to first form a relationship with these people and then only you can expect them to post about your brand or consider writing about it.

  5. Use the Power of Surveys

    Some might be wondering, “How surveys can help?”

    Instead of cold emailing, you can engage your prospects in answering the survey. You’ll gather information about the industry along with building your contact list. This list will further help you to reach your prospective clients.

    Based on this survey you can also bifurcate which users will be more interested in your service and then you can focus on these users.

  6.  Meet With Decision Makers

    For meeting the decision makers, you don’t have to schedule appointments because this may or may not work out. In its place, attend events that you think your prospects will attend.

    However, do your homework before going to the event. Search for the people who are going to attend this event and from these people, how many are your prospects. Moreover, you should know your prospects, their work and business goals. Again, this is essential because people like it when they are personally addressed.

    On the one hand, you address people without knowing who they are and what they do. And, on the other hand, you address these people and you know who they are and what they do. Which method do you think will work?

In The End

In the end, it is you and only you who can figure out the optimum lead generation  technique for your business. All these may not necessarily work for you and all these may not necessarily show results in the same fashion. You will have to twist and tweak some methods a bit, give your inputs and add-ons, and then move ahead. However, you’ll see results once you start implementing these techniques. Start with an effective B2B lead generation campaign today!

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