6 easy steps to start using email marketing like a Pro

Email marketing continues to be one of the most popular and cost-effective marketing mechanisms to engage, reach, nurture and influence your target audience. Here are some insights for you to consider as you use email marketing as an effective strategy to achieve your marketing objectives. So let\’s go and start using email marketing like a Pro

  1. Keep the design simple and make sure it works across devices

Do not go overboard with your design. Make sure that it works across multiple devices. Considering that most of the emails are now consumed on mobile devices first, ensure that you are able to make an impression.

  1. Innovate with your visual layouts

Break the monotony. Play with your visual layouts. Visual layouts are equally important as the message that you are trying to communicate. Finding the right balance between images to text ratio is very essential. To structure your email strategy do consider your open- and click-through- rates and experiment with various types of images and text content for email. Make sure that the images/visuals are used effectively to attract reader attention, where needed.

  1. Get the message across

Before starting to draft the mail, make it a practice to set out objectives for the program and the target segment it is supposed to reach. One of the most important aspect of any email is relevant content. Relevant communication with recipients will always give you good results. Having said that it is impossible to be relevant for everybody, so segmentation and relevant messaging for relevant segments makes a lot of sense.

  1. Segment your target audience

Every recipient wants to find out ‘what’s in it for them’. Make sure that you answer that question. For this to work, it is very necessary that you segment your lists well, so that relevant messages can be sent to relevant people in your lists. Segmenting your database into groups with similar characteristics, enables you to send more relevant and targeted messages.

  1. Lists / Database Quality

Email marketing ROI and data quality go hand in hand. Your campaigns can only be successful if the quality of lists that you have is good. Make sure that you message your lists to validate the info that you have on record. Also use segmentation as mentioned below to improve relevance. Verify and validate contacts and their email addresses often to avoid high bounce rates. Remove undelivered/redundant email addresses frequently to improve quality of lists.

  1. Analytics/Reporting

Getting above 5 points right will get you on track, but the most important point remains tracking and analyzing your ongoing email campaigns. Find out what’s working and what’s not and make sure that you incorporate the learning in future campaigns so that you can have a predictable success ratio across your campaigns. Optimize your efforts to ensure that you are getting the most out of your campaigns.

Each of these suggestions can be done in multiple ways and can be tracked down to perfection to ensure success of your email marketing program. Go ahead and start using email marketing like a Pro. For details on how you can effectively leverage email marketing in combination with several other marketing channels, kindly reach out to me or wait for my next articles in this series.Getting started with successful email marketing campaigns

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