5 \’To-do\’ items that can kick start your business development efforts

The objective of all companies is profitable growth. Most of the companies have about 20-40% of their business coming in from absolutely new customers every year. They always face this challenge – \”How do you keep winning new customers all the time?\”

Wouldn\’t you want to be winning new customers

Well, let\’s face it, Isn\’t winning new customers the main objective of your  sales, inside sales or business development teams? What can you do to make sure that they will achieve their objectives. Here are some \’MUST -DO\’s\’. You can also read You Cannot Drive Growth by Sales Hiring, You need Sales Enabling Solutions

1. Have a uniform \’who are you\’ statement

This will be usually based on the target market that you are addressing. you should have a standard introduction to your company that you can use in your conversations with prospects. These should be available in a short 15 seconds intro, long conversation as well an email template format. Internalizing this \’who are you\’ among your customer facing teams will help a lot

2. After the brief introduction, be clear \’what do you do\’

How can you define your business in 2-3 or max 4 short sentences. This could be an actual combination of your products and services, in combination with the core values of the company. This has to be at an elevator pitch level For e.g. \”We work with automotive customers and have solutions that improves efficiency of its supply chain by over 40%\”.

3. Come to the relevant part \’ what can you do for me\’

If all the discussions so far have been about yourself and your company, this one starts getting into a different dimension altogether. With all the assets,products and services, what can you do for your customer? A value statement and examples of how other customers have benefited is very helpful at this stage.

4. Be ready to answer \’How will you do it\’

This is where you will start building your differentiation. How can you ensure that you demonstrate predictability, efficiency in the products/services that you offer. The tools,assets, automation components that you use as a part of service delivery or which are embedded in your products will be the star performers here.

5. All this is fine but \’Why you\’

What are your unique differentiation. Some of these will come from 4 and become strong value propositions. This will also be across various parameters of cost, time, quality etc.

Having a uniform version of answers for the topics above will be a great help to kick-start your business development efforts  and help you in consistently winning new customers .Why are leads the most common metric for marketing

what do you think? would value your feedback.

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