4 things in Digital Marketing Services to watch for in 2018

Time flies and we are already in 2018. 2017 saw an increased level of interest in the digital marketing services as well as in digital marketing agencies space. A lot of businesses started spending increased efforts and are engaged with leading digital marketing services companies or digital marketing agency. They spent significant budgets in digital marketing mechanisms. With the ROI that it provides, this is not really a surprise, but I thought it worthwhile to talk about some of the highlights in digital marketing services through the year and what you should watch out for in 2018.  

Budgets are always spend items

As a company,  marketing budgets are always spend items and people want to optimize their spends to the extent possible. With the extended reach that digital marketing services provides, it became a lot easier for marketing heads to extend the value of their marketing budgets. Of course much of this came at the expense of the traditional marketing spends. The biggest losers, I believe were ad spends in trade publications and money spent on events and trade shows. While both of these traditionally provided great reach, the amount of money that one would need to spend on these initiatives made it difficult to get the ROI that companies were expecting.

As a leading digital marketing agency,  lot of clients ask us, what should they spend on digital marketing services or a digital marketing agency and how should they manage these initiatives? Well, there clearly is no simple answer, as the best channel will be different for different businesses based on the target market that you are trying to reach and influence.

For Xenia Consulting, as a leading digital marketing agency in Pune, 2017 was an overall great learning experience. Our team was able to learn several new skills and techniques in digital marketing and got a chance to work with wonderful clients. I also got a chance to attend the Content Marketing World in Cleveland, OH, USA, one of the largest conferences in the Content Marketing space, earlier in September 2017. It was great to learn from the experts in terms of what is happening in the overall content marketing/inbound marketing and digital marketing space.

I wanted to highlight some of the things that will really shape the things to come in 2018. Each of these items are the major pillars of any digital marketing exercise and building skills and expertise in these areas will be very enriching for you and the 

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation is done to ensure that you feature in organic searches. It is really critical that you feature in relevant organic searches for the keywords that are relevant for your business. A lot has changed in SEO over the last few years and a significant amount of efforts are now being spent on on-page SEO. White hat SEO techniques are becoming more popular. Backlinks and paid backlinks is diminishing in terms of value. Content is what is really driving rankings in SEO across the world. We published a few resources over the past few weeks on SEO and you might find this useful. Ways to generate leads using SEO

We are also planning to launch a comprehensive ebook on SEO techniques, so do watch this space for more details. If you want more info on the services we offer in SEO, you can find it here 

2. Email marketing

It is important to communicate with your potential prospects and customers in a meaningful manner so that they are able to slowly build trust and confidence in the products and services that you offer. It is common to leverage some of the other efforts that you are doing in terms of building meaningful content. You may be generating other pieces of content and it is important that you leverage all the good work that you been putting in by engaging your readers with email marketing snippets.

As a digital marketing agency, we published a few resources over the past few weeks on Email marketing and you might find these useful. We do offer several services in the area of email marketing and have learnt quite a few secrets in the trade. For more info you can read more about our email campaigns service

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Setting up your Email Marketing Infrastructure

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads today is significantly competing with Google AdWords. The amount of reach and segmentation that Facebook today provides is really fascinating. Having said that there are a bunch of different ad programs with different objectives that you can launch and manage from within Facebook. Apart from the web interface, Facebook provides you with wonderful apps to manage your campaigns and pages from your mobile platform as well. You cannot be an expert in all of them, but it is good to try out several of these paid promotion options. Read more about our services in social media marketing 

4. Google Ads

Google Ads also offers some very good options to engage with your target audience. There are a large number of variables to manage, right from selecting the right keywords, the CPC figures to play with, selecting within the broad match, phrase match and the exact match options, managing the negative keywords and domains. It is not enough, just to launch into Google AdWords campaigns. You need to continuously monitor and optimize the campaigns, so that it can deliver better results at lower CPC (cost per click). Sometimes it is also a good idea to play with high converting keywords and limit your ad display to low search volume keywords as well. That way, you will be able to get focused traffic, even if it is much lesser than the high search volume traffic. We recently had published an analysis/comparison between search and display advertising and you may find it interesting. More about our services in Pay per Click Advertising

Google Search or Display ads – what is better for lead generation

As you plan your digital marketing initiatives in 2018, These 4 will be pivotal in your efforts to reach and influence your target audience. I would love to hear from you as to what has been working well for you and where you are planning to put in more investments, this 2018. Wishing you a wonderful 2018. 


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