3 Reasons you need an automated backup for your website

The website is the first online identity for your business and the most important one at that. It not only acts as a gatekeeper for users to understand more about you, but it is also a place for social media or email marketing backlinks to come back to. Website to stay up and running is the most important element for your business, especially for businesses in the e-commerce or transactional model.

Having a great backup of your site can help you in many situations. If you lose crucial data or your website or gets hacked, having a backup readily available can solve your issues. Plus, it’s so easy and takes only a few minutes to get that backup ready to use. That’s why, having a robust backup and restore service is at the foremost of your marketing expenses, as losing data might cost you more time and money later.

Why Automated backups are better?

  1. They are way more convenient as you don’t ever have to worry about remembering to back up your site. You will directly receive a notification once the backup is done.
  2. They are saved on the cloud saving you the trouble of facing security issues with your home computer or hard drives.
  3. You can restore the backup instantly as its readily accessible for you for an instance when you face any issues to your website.
  4. They are synchronization friendly and are accessible on any device you choose to carry around. You can see the latest changes from your website from multiple connections
  5. Generally, all hosting providers offer automated backup service for free. Set-up and configuration is the only work that remains with you.

So, what are the reasons we should blindly think of an automated backup for your website ?

  1. Protection against hacking:

Nowadays everyone opts for a good website host and use strong passwords to stay away from the possibility of hacking, but hackers are getting smarter each day. They usually hack your site directly to steal or deface your important information and instantly try to breach accounts administrative privileges. They might even lock you out of your own website.

If you encounter a problem on the website or most part of your website stops working, then you can use the latest backup of your site to get it up and running. To be as safe as possible, you’d want to make these backups as frequently as possible.

  1. Protecting financial transactions:

If you have an online business store or a small transactional business, it\’s of prime importance to you and your customers that the financial model is well taken cared of. Every moment your website is down, you might lose money and it might take a toll on your credibility.

Troubleshooting the problems and restoring the website might take time, and would mean losing more money. It’s easier to just restore the backup of your site and fix the issues later.

  1. Protection against loss of data:

Human errors or update failures happen almost every day, could be small or could be something big that might cost your website a lot. Cases such as, deleting a file by mistake or making a change that breaks a functionality OR deleting the whole library instead of a blog post on your website, etc. are very common these days. The impact of a small change could be huge and unexpected.

With all companies focusing on blogs, social media and good content on the site, it’s important to keep your website data safe. Automated backup of your website will be the best option in this scenario. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to have multiple backups available of your site and store them in multiple locations.

Backing up doesn’t need to be a hassle, it can be set-up in a way that it\’s done without your knowledge and you can use it when you need it.

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