Choose From 14 Most Effective Types Of Keywords in SEO

Search engine optimization has become a backbone in your marketing journey, especially while increasing your online presence through the website, blogging, and social media. SEO strategy depends on the keywords you choose, so it\’s important that you spend as much effort and time you can on getting them right. These words are nothing but the phrases that you are aiming to get your website ranking up and be seen more evidently in google/other website searches. SEO experts spend significant time learning about choosing SEO keywords.

A pool of different types of keywords will get you the results you desire but choosing them wisely and working towards them is the key. Some keywords will perform better, and some won’t, but generally, marketing managers and business owners should learn more about what are the keywords and why are they important? Want to know why SEO is important for your business?

One more thing users need to keep in mind while choosing keywords is understanding which keyword match type to select. This will have a direct impact on the results you will get. Broad match, exact match, and phrase match are the keyword match types that you should learn in detail and use in your SEO strategy.

For our understanding let’s divide the types of SEO keywords in 4 categories such as,

  • Targeting keywords
  • Buyer keywords
  • Keywords by length
  • On-site keywords

Here let us learn more about the types of keywords in SEO that you can use in your SEO strategy,

Targeting Keywords:

  1. Customer defining keywords: Can be used to describe the type of a company and its business
  2. Branded keywords: Can be used for describing product names, types and contains brand names
  3. Market segment keywords: Can be used as a generic keyword for the brand it\’s associated with. These will be searched by the target audience on search engines
  4. Competitor keywords: Can be used for talking about the competitor, their products/services and businesses
  5. Product keywords: Can be used for directly referring to a company’s services and products. This is important as these keywords can help the target audience find the company’s business and services through search engines
  6. Geo-targeted keywords: These are location-specific keywords especially used for searching services which are nearby

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The buyer keywords: 

These keywords are mainly used to purchase a product or a service, based on the place of the target audience in the buyer cycle

  1. Navigational keywords: User will use these keywords while finding a specific brand
  2. Informational keywords: User will use these keywords for finding general information on a topic
  3. Transactional keywords: User will type these keywords when they are ready to make a purchase or are ready for a conversion

Keywords by length:

  • Short-tail keywords: These are high traffic volume keywords which are broad searches
  • Mid-tail keywords: These are mort explanatory than the short-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords: These keywords target long search terms to a specific topic to a specific set

Of audience. Because of this, they generate low traffic and that makes it easier for SEO experts to their ranking high.

On-Site Keywords:

These keywords are used on landing pages, blog posts, and article posts, etc.

  1. Primary keywords: These keywords are the main targeted ones on the webpage. By best practices, every page with SEO content has one targeted primary keyword in it
  2. Related keywords: These are variations of the primary keywords.


Once you understand the types of keywords in SEO, you can use them suited to your needs. An SEO agency or a marketing services agency can help you with setting up your SEO and maintaining it ongoingly. They not only have the time and resources, but they also have the expertise and updated knowledge to give you a competitive edge with your SEO. There are now many agencies that are marking their presence and achieving great results in marketing as well as SEO services. You should think about hiring an SEO agency in Pune as your partner and let them guide you further.

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