Me and my freedom- What does it mean in a digital marketing firm in Pune

As India celebrates its 72nd Independence Day, we at Xenia spent time talking to some of our marketing superstars, about what freedom means to them, especially in the professional context. Xenia is a professional digital marketing  firm in Pune and we have been able to earn our freedom from several of our clients, thanks to our professional service delivery in digital marketing services.

When we talked to our digital marketing superstars, we got some varied responses, but some really good feel for the level of commitment from several of our team-members. The good part was that almost all were committed to ensuring positive  client outcomes, which is great news for us (and for our clients)

Here is what they said. Hope you enjoy the read


\"\"Freedom for me means being able to do what’s best for the client in terms of marketing. After all, they hired us as a digital marketing firm in Pune to get results for them. What is the point if they have to keep monitoring us and keep telling us what we need to do..

We take pride in experimenting proactively on client accounts, so that we are able to deliver only the best results. While doing so, we offer complete accountability and transparency in operations. We love this freedom, and since we are able to consistently deliver results to each of our clients, they also do not mind giving us this freedom.. After all, we have earned that freedom based on our past performance.


\"\"I should have the freedom to do the job in which I have the expertise, so that I can take my own decisions and do it creatively and innovatively, which can contribute to the prestige of my organization and my clients. After all, that\’s what clients would expect from a leading digital marketing firm in Pune.

Ability to suggest and give opinion, have a good interaction and contribute to taking problem solving decisions anytime

From a learning perspective, ability to keep experimenting with different things and learn from my mistakes. Have proper guidance every time when needed.


\"\"freedom to explore myself what best I can do for the organization and for the clients that I manage. I love to explore different tools and tricks, which help in delivering better value to my clients, faster and at reduced cost.

So real freedom is when you can think uniquely from your client perspective, without being pushed by the client and you can take responsibility for the decisions that you take on behalf of the client.



\"\"Freedom for me means working on new creative ideas, undertaking new initiatives and doing my best to ensure client success. All this in an open environment and culture that breeds innovation and encourages calculated risk taking.



\"awtar\"Freedom to me is having control on my work rather work controlling me. It is so rewarding when quality work brings BIG SMILE on our client\’s face. There\’s nothing better than seeing the WINS our clients experience. Their success is our success.  “As our clients grow so we grow alongside them”

We as a  leading digital marketing firm in Pune should continue to move heaven and earth to ensure that result driven work is being delivered and goals are met in the most efficient and effective ways possible. Freeing our customers from all the business worries, would be the actual FREEDOM within.


\"\"Freedom for me means making my own choices without hesitation. Independent from any person, feeling that I KNOW, I can make it on my own. Freedom means the ability to say yes or no!

Being a designer sometimes we have to say NO as well at some point. This also should maintain the sportiveness amongst colleagues, no one should get hurt or demoralized.

Freedom to learn new things, I think along with the regular work we should spare some time to learn new technologies as per our respective fields.

Freedom of working flexible – Though there are bundles of responsibility of a particular project or tasks, there is a freedom of working flexible hours in Xenia.. this helped me a lot to balance my work life and personal life without disturbing the work of my company.


\"akshay\"Freedom stands for something greater than just the right to act. Digital platform offers one of the best ways to promote products and services for our clients. Helping clients realize the value is my job and I love to experiment on different ways to make this possible.




\"appa\"When clients come to us for website, they know only functionality. Being able to recommend, technology that is scalable and which will help them achieve their goals is freedom. Not being bound by hard specifications is freedom. Ability to innovate on specifications and delivering something which is better than the initial specifications is nirvana. That is what is really expected of a leading digital marketing firm in Pune.



\"gunjan\"Doing what you like is Freedom, and I like my clients to be successful. I love to cover extra mile for them. Each day I learn from the trenches what it takes to make clients happy and successful. The success of my clients brings an absolute smile.

The success of my company closely follows the success of my client’s companies. Finally the secret of happiness is freedom.



\"harshal\"I do many experiments in daily life and miserably fail but I always prefer to be optimistic in any hell like situation.

Doing experimentation also is my own kind of freedom where you learn lot more things and get mature enough before other people. Though I am a complete novice in many things but I am in love with the process (of experimentation). The freedom I have got to execute this process is the real freedom for me.



\"digitalTo me freedom is living the way I want to, having the right to be me and express myself, discover and learn new things that help me to grow in my professional and personal life as well. It is opportunity to know who I really am and discovering my strengths and weaknesses.

Freedom is to be able connect with our responsibilities. By taking charge of things, we get to experience immense happiness and satisfaction. It gives us a chance to know how much of a work load we can handle at a time and how well we are able to manage.

Freedom would allow me to be stress free and enjoy each and every second that I live in this world.


\"prajakta-shitole\"Graphics Design by definition is the is the field of wildly exercised freedom to think creatively-sometimes to the levels unimaginable.\”My Experiments with Designs\” require liberating mind from the jails of conformity which limit the growth. But this does not mean that I should be careless about other\’s freedom. Freedom brings responsibility.

As Nelson Mandela would say, “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in  a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”


As you can see, each one has had some varied opinions of what independence means to them, but most of them seem to be committed to ensuring positive outcomes for our clients. Wishing you all a very happy independence day..


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