Marketing outsourcing – some debates

Marketing & Sales are core functions of an organization. How can you ever think of outsourcing these functions?  Isn\’t this a common argument that you hear time and time again? . Even while saying so, companies will go about appointing channel networks, business associates, commission partners, who will sell on behalf of the company and help meet sales targets. Also on the marketing side, several elements of the investor relations, marketing communication, design and branding operations will continue to be outsourced to specialist companies in the domain.

Marketing strategy certainly is a core element of the business strategy and you would certainly not want your competitors to know what you are upto. But more important than laying down the strategy is to execute it to perfection to be able to realize the results. My feelings are that companies can take external help from marketing experts in both the strategy formulation as well as the operations rollout, thereby reducing the load on internal staff and resources (budgets, time etc.)

So what exactly can be outsourced and how can it be done. Lots to be thinking about. More about it in upcoming blogs

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  1. Hi Atul,

    Glad to see you take the step…Welcome to the world of harsh realities, pleasant and not so pleasant experiences. But then I guess, we all have to take the initial step at some pint of our lives. All the best!

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