5 Ways to Improve Website Ranking

What good is your website if it is not being viewed by your target audience? It needs to be on the first page of a search engine as viewers rarely go over to the second page. What can you do to improve your website ranking? . We talk of 5 Ways to Improve Website Ranking in this post. It is more important than ever for businesses to invest in good SEO practices if they want to rank better on the search engine.

Here are 5 Ways to Improve Website Ranking

1. Content is King

That pretty much sums it up. When it comes to the biggest factor for SEO rankings, there is no substitute for great and quality content. And it doesn’t have to be in any one format. You can have a mix of long form and short form content or info-graphics that can be consumed by prospects in different stage of the buyer’s journey i.e. awareness, consideration or decision stage.

You need to publish content that your target audience wants to read and not something that you want to push out in the market. Identify a list of keywords that your audience is most interested in and write your content around them. It is sure to increase the number of visitors on your website.

Apart from the quality of content, there are other aspects too that you need to be careful  about. How you present the content also matters to a great extent. For example, if you are writing a blog post, make sure you use bold, italics or underline to highlight important parts/words. Use separate headers wherever necessary to bifurcate the message. The content should be easy to consume. If you tend to write long uninterrupted paragraphs, you will quickly lose a large majority of your readers in the first post itself.

Quick tip: Use Hemingway Editor to identify the readability score of content and make changes as per the tool’s suggestions.

2. Use of multimedia:

Various studies suggest that adding images, info-graphics and/or videos to your content makes it easier for the audience to consume. After all, despite the content being interesting and informative, there’s only so much information that you can consume at any given point of time. Images and videos convey the same message but in more easier to understand and quick manner, making them more preferable over text in most cases.

In fact videos are said to be almost 80% effective at increasing your conversion rate on the website. So make sure you add multimedia to your existing content as well as make it a practice to include it along with all your future content. Let your audience get used to this format so that they return more frequently.

Follow the standard practices of SEO here without fail, such as adding alt-text to your images and videos with relevant keywords. This it makes it easier for the search engines to find them.

3. Click through rate:

It has been found that there is a strong correlation between search engine rankings and click through rates (CTRs). The first link on the search engines gets to 30% to 35% more clicks as compared to the rest. There are a few factors that affect click through rate such as the post’s meta description, title tags as well as scheme markups. All 3 of these should be refined and written in a manner that the search engine can efficiently crawl through your content.

4. Be mobile friendly:

We cannot emphasize this enough. Your website and all its content should be optimized for mobiles and tablets. Today, the use of smartphones and tablets has increased phenomenally. A recent Tech crunch articles states that by 2020 around 6.1 billion people will be using smartphones on a regular basis. Look at the sheer number that will be relying on their smartphones to carry out all their tasks and responsibilities. It could be anything mundane as searching for general information or for regular professional work.

Whatever the reason, companies should be ready to have all their content mobile friendly if they want to efficiently reach their target audience.

5. Link building:

Quality back-links are crucial for good rankings on a search engine and rank amongst the top 3 factors to influence ranking on Google. Make it a practice to link your content to reputable sites in order to build your own credibility. Connect with relevant influencers in your industry and exchange information with them. There are many practices for increasing back-links but just make sure that you are not linking to spam websites in a bid to increase the number of these back-links. That will drastically reduce your ranking on Google.

In another post, you can check how you can also optimize your content for voice search. After all it is the future of SEO and it helps to always be one step ahead of the game.

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