5 Essential elements of a marketing content strategy

Effective Marketing content is an integral part of your entire pull marketing or inbound marketing strategy. Fresh content that you create and publish regularly will help you get more focused and targeted traffic to your website. So what are the essential elements of a marketing content strategy , things that you should take care of while you develop a strategy document for your organization?

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  1. Think long term – It is important to think long term and consistency. If you start the exercise and don\’t maintain consistency, you lose everything and will most likely have to start building again
  2. Be in-line with corporate messaging – whatever you are propagating has to be in-line with your corporate messaging theme. You need to build onto what your corporate teams are doing, not create separate noises
  3. Have a content dash – Be clear what are the elements/values that you want to be talking about. Slowly build the relevance with each incremental piece of content. you will lose steam pretty quickly, if you end up working haphazardly.
  4. Determine the medium of communication – Where and how is your content going to be touching the target audience? The type of content artefact can be tweaked to meet this objective. For e.g., if you are participating in an event, then you need to design panels, flyers etc.
  5. Think target customer – Typically while developing content, people develop content from the inside-out, which means that you are only speaking about your product/service in isolation. Think target customer, and you will be able to fine-tune this content to meet his needs in a more precise way.

Wishing you all the very best as you start defining essential elements of a marketing content strategy.


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